How to Celebrate Yourself This Mother's Day

How to Celebrate Yourself This Mother's Day

What's your idea of a perfect Mother's Day celebration like?

Is it waking up to a lovely flower arrangement on your bedside in the morning, dressing up nicely and getting whisked away for an unforgettable brunch date, or going on that solo trip to somewhere dreamy that you've always wanted but never did because you felt too guilty? Now, let's talk about what it's been like in the previous years. 

Often, family members have different thoughts regarding thoughtful Mother's Day gifts and the best way to spend this day with their moms. Add that to having contrasting love languages for each other; it's easier to see and understand why there's an inevitable disconnect between what they give you and what you truly want.

But you know what moms are incredibly good at? Getting things done! So, this year, make it happen. Do Mother's Day your way! Don't know how? Check out these fantastic ideas.

Master The Art of Doing Nothing 

Moms are serial multitaskers. You slay at work, prepare healthy, home-cooked meals, get the kids to bed, plan the family vacation, and do a million other things. While it makes you feel like a superhuman, let's be honest, it's also super stressful. That's bad for your physical and mental health and well-being, not to mention your skin, too!

On Mother's Day, give yourself the permission to do nothing. You can sleep in, lock yourself in your room, or binge-watch your shows on Netflix or HBO, but we've got better things in mind. Staying home and doing nothing is impossible for some because they'll get tempted to clean, take care of the kids, or feel like a slob after. 

Instead, why not book a luxurious pampering time at a beauty spa, where you can spend the whole day melting your stresses with a full-body massage or making your skin look radiant and youthful with facials and other therapies? That way, you do nothing and get the most out of it by looking and feeling so good afterward.

Spend Quality Time With Your Girlfriends 

Between juggling meetings and deadlines at work and making sure you get to every Little League game or ballet recital for the kids, it's a struggle to squeeze in a little bit of time to go out and have fun with your friends with an already busy mommy calendar. It's probably been ages since you last hung out with your gal pals without checking the time constantly and hurrying to come home.

This Mother's Day, put dad in charge of the kids and household. Are noisy night-outs not your thing anymore? That's fine. Have a brunch, lunch, or dinner date with your friends at Lavo Ristorante. It's that posh Italian place at Sunset Blvd with breathtaking interiors that looks like you're in a hidden oasis.


Reward Yourself with A Little Retail Therapy at Rodeo Drive 

The term "retail therapy" exists for a reason—it works! Spoil yourself with a spot of much-needed shopping spree at the trendiest fashion boutiques on Rodeo Drive. Whether you need a pair of new Jimmy Choo heels or a sparkling pair of diamond earrings at Tiffany & Co. to lift your spirits, we say get it; you deserve it!

Go Get Yourself Those Gorgeous Mother's Day Flowers

Receiving a bouquet of beautiful flowers brings that almost magical moment where everything seems right in the world. You're happy, grateful, hopeful, and excited all at the same time. A delight to the senses, with the explosion of colors and the sweet floral fragrance, it's also a thoughtful and effective way to make special moments more memorable. But what if your children are still very young, your husband forgot, or got you something different? 

We've always been an advocate of the "I can buy myself flowers" school of thought—and you should, too—for so many sensible reasons. Not only is it liberating and empowering, but buying flowers for yourself is one of the best forms of self-care and self-love for women, especially mothers. It means knowing your worth and not relying on others to realize that or make you feel good. It's one of the most beautiful ways of celebrating yourself and everything you've been through with your personal journey through motherhood.

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