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Subtle and Stylish Fall Season Decorating Ideas For Your Home



As we officially welcome the autumn/fall season, we count the days to some of the grandest, most festive occasions of the year, starting with Halloween come November, followed by Thanksgiving, Christmas Day,  and then down to the last day of December for New Year’s Eve.

This makes fall season an exciting time to shake things up inside your home and jazz it up, depending on what the merrymaking is currently about – from carving out the pumpkins, rolling out the season’s harvests, to setting up the Christmas tree.

Whether you’re the type of person who gets thrilled during this kind of joyful times to get your design skills into work, or you’re actually the exact opposite, someone who finds this season stressful but one who wouldn’t say no to having a stylish space without splurging, this article is for you.

Focus on the focal points

Keep your fall decors lovely but low-key by adding one or two elements into key areas of your home.

  • Front door – Dress up your front door and greet your guests with different wreaths. Hang up a simple harvest wreath for Thanksgiving and swap it with a cheerful poinsettia-filled wreath come Christmas.
  • Living room – No matter how big or small your living room is, putting an elegant fall flower arrangement on a coffee table as a compelling centerpiece will always do the trick. With everyone’s eyes glued to those gorgeous autumn blooms, it doesn’t matter if you stick your guns with your all-white Scandinavian theme all year round.
  • Dining room – Since fall is all about feasting, your dining room is where all the action would happen, specifically if you host family or friends for dinners. If you’re pressed for time, go ahead and order yourself an elaborate fall tablescape and set up as usual. “Bear in mind that well-mannered centerpieces should never block guests' views of one another,” Martha Stewart reminds.

Nevertheless, if you can devote more clockwork into it, go the extra mile and introduce a few more details. These could be candles, fall-colored napkins and placemats, dried leaves and twines to hold the napkins or name cards.


Create beautiful vignettes

In interior design talk, a vignette typically refers to a collection of different objects curated together to exude a specific motif. Basically, you can “think of it as a pocket-size table arrangement that tells a story about you and your home,” design website, Houzz describes.

Vignettes are a good route to take if you want to keep your fall decorating simple but sophisticated and one that’s well thought of. For a fabulous fall season vignette, you can include pumpkins, gourds, apples, acorns, flowers, plants, eclectic vases, art pieces, and a lot more.

Here are some tips for creating tasteful vignettes at home:

  • Put your vignette around a good light source for optimal exposure.
  • Use objects in colors that complement the major color of your room.
  • Display objects in odd numbers for stronger visual effect.
  • Stick to your theme.
  • Vary heights and textures.

Floral, vegetables, and fruits tablescape

The fall season, particularly Thanksgiving, is all about harvest and bounty. Aside from vibrant flowers that are in season – such as dahlias, peonies, chrysanthemums – writer, Stephen Orr, recommends incorporating aromatic herbs and edible fruits and veggies into the mix.

Make your dining table more interesting and super tempting, too, by adding colorful produce, such as carrots, eggplants, chard, napa cabbages, purple artichokes, ornamental oregano, fennel blossoms, rosemary, and purple basil. In a clean vase filled with water, Orr says the unique edible arrangement should last a day or two.

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