Catherine Zeta-Jones Is a Pro at Flower Arrangements

Catherine Zeta-Jones Is a Pro at Flower Arrangements

Thanks to Instagram, we now get a glimpse of the glamorous lives of our favorite Hollywood celebrities beyond the silver screen.

Case in point: Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The Oscar-winning actress has been sharing snippets of her lavish lifestyle almost fit for royalty to nearly a million followers on the social networking platform. But aside from the usual glitz and glamour of being a movie star, her globetrotting escapades with family and friends, the 47-year-old Welsh beauty has noticeably been taking more photos of her new period property in upstate New York, which is an opulent home she shares with husband of 25 years, Michael Douglas.

While many have gone green with envy when Zeta-Jones posted an Instagram video of her walk-in closet (which showed a couple of much-coveted ostrich-skin Birkins and a sea of stilettos, which some expert estimates maybe be worth well over £500,000), we at Orchid Republic are swooning over her exquisite taste for interior design and her love for breathtaking flowers.



Zeta-Jones is a pro when it comes to styling her own space, expertly creating beautiful vignettes showcasing expensive art pieces, well-designed furniture, and awe-inspiring flower arrangements. It’s like every nook of the actress’s home is just filled with beautiful flowers.

Taking pride of her own design masterpieces, the mother of two shares the photographs on Instagram with a fitting hashtag #StyledByZeta.

Peony-inspired Guest Room

Guest room. Simply inspired by those beautiful pink flowers. #StyleByZeta

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For their guest room, the Zorro leading lady said she was mainly inspired by fresh fuchsia peonies. The result? A clean, chic, and cozy all-white room with bursts of occasional florals in magenta. Of course, a dainty flower arrangement of large pink peonies can be seen stealing the spotlight between two soft-cushioned accent chairs.

DIY Flower Arrangement Tips As Seen from Catherine Zeta-Jones

Last June, Architectural Digest wrote a feature about Zeta-Jones’ remarkable tablescapes and commended her creative ways of using flower arrangements in different table settings.

Here are some of DIY tablescape tips worth stealing:

  • Ornate orchid arrangements are perfect for a dramatic effect during special occasions.
  • Potted orchid plants are great for everyday elegance. This is a practical choice, too, since orchids are known to last longer and to bloom multiple times.
  • Use flower arrangements in varying heights to create depth.
  • It’s okay to use tall flower arrangements during parties or dinners as long as they go above eye level of guests seated across each other.
  • Put flowers around napkin holders as an added detail.
  • Observe color coordination. For example, Zeta-Jones always matches the color of her flowers with napkins.

She Grows Her Own Flower Garden

Confirming our strong hunch that Zeta-Jones is passionate about flowers was this photo of her posing with a bunch of her favorite pink and white peonies, which according to actress are freshly picked from her own flower garden.

Shortly, she also popped up on fans IG feed with the spectacular photographs of her rose garden, which she captioned: “Just started a rose garden. So excited.”

Definitely, not your average rose garden, Zeta-Jones gave her followers a magnificent view of her sprawling garden, highlighting her tasteful landscaping and her lovely roses and lilacs.

She Gave Daffodils to Elizabeth Taylor   

As any flower aficionado would tell you, flowers make the best presents no matter the occasion. Apparently, as a little girl, Zeta-Jones knows this, too.

In her interview with Vogue, the actress recounts a story of how she met Hollywood icon, Elizabeth Taylor. According to her, all she wanted when she was young was to see Taylor’s legendary purple eyes and two sets of eyelashes. When the opportunity came for a meet and greet, Zeta-Jones, who was then only a child working in a theater production of Annie in London, rushed and bought daffodils, the national flower of Wales to give to Taylor.

Unfortunately, the older actress was donning dark sunglasses when she stepped out of her ride. When Zeta-Jones, with all due respect, asked Taylor to remove them, she refused and affectionately told her, “It’s far too early in the morning to do that, my love.”

“Well, she took my daffodils, anyway,” she recounted fondly. 

 What do you think of Catherine Zeta-Jones' garden? Do you know other celebrities who love flowers? Share them in the comments below!

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