5 Coolest Summer Things to Do In Los Angeles

5 Coolest Summer Things to Do In Los Angeles

 Ice cream, pristine beaches, music fetes, welcome to summer heaven.

Take a dip in the best public pools in the city

For people who want to chill but aren’t blessed with their own backyard pools, with the patience to brave the crowds, or with the patience to wait for decent parking space to spend the day at the best beaches in town, you’ll be surprised at how cool LA’s public pools can be, too.

These pristine swimming pools are open to the general public for a reasonable price, with some even free of charge. Our favorites include:

  • Annenberg Community Beach House
  • Santa Monica Swim Center
  • Rose Bowl Aquatics Center
  • Hansen Dam Aquatic Center

See the Lotus Festival at Echo Park Lake

An annual festivity, Echo Park Lake’s Lotus Festival never gets old. Apart from celebrating the beautiful season of the floating blooms, the historic occasion is also a nod to the contributions of the Asian-American communities to Los Angeles. Happening on July 15th to 16th, this year, is dedicated to the Bangladeshi community. As with all festivities, expect delicious food and good music.

Channel your inner wine connoisseur

Los Angeles has a reputation for having some of the most impressive wine shops in the country. It’s the best venue not just for wine connoisseurs but for wine neophytes, too, to sample the aged reds and whites and simply have a good time.

Highly recommended spots for wine tasting, as told by Time Out LA, include:

  • The Wine House on Cotner Avenue
  • Silverlake Wine in Silver Lake or Downtown LA
  • K&L Wine Merchants in Hollywood
  • Everson Royce in Pasadena
  • Wally's Wine and Spirits in Westwood

Go to the LA Zoo at night

The LA Zoo is inviting everyone for an after-hours exploration escapade, although the invitation is for adults only. Check out wild animals after dark, experience live animal encounters, jam to songs of local indie bands, and dance your heart out at the carousel!

Go chase waterfalls  

It’s easy to fall in love with nature when you live in Los Angeles. What, with the Pacific Ocean next to it, the botanical gardens, the mountain ranges – oh, and the waterfalls!  Plan your next summer hike and get a view of these majestic waterfalls:

  • Eaton Canyon Falls, Altadena
  • Paradise Falls in Wildwood Park, Thousand Oaks
  • Solstice Canyon Malibu
  • Sturtevant Falls, Angeles National Forest
  • Escondido Falls Malibu

Imagine hiking for an hour or two on a hot summer day, with your ultimate reward not only the breathtaking views you’ve seen along the way or the sea of clouds once you summit, but a refreshing splash on these waterfalls’ natural pools.


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