25 Sweet And Spontaneous Ways To Keep The Romance Alive

25 Sweet And Spontaneous Ways To Keep The Romance Alive

A bit of spontaneity is a must for every relationship. As you get to know your significant other on a deeper level, it's easy to feel safe and comfortable, take things slow, and go with the flow. Although there's nothing wrong with this, you must be mindful of how your partner feels. When you've become too complacent, the other party often perceives it as a form of neglect, like they're stuck in a rut and there's nothing else to look forward to.

Making an effort to shake things up can make things exciting and keep the spark alive. Whether you're in a new couple or a decades-long marriage, here are some tips to keep your partner under your spell.

  1. Bacon, eggs, a pot of freshly brewed coffee — that'll put them in a good mood in the morning.
  2. Leave cute little notes around the house to make them smile. 
  3. Ask them out on a surprise lunch date.
  4. Pick them up from work to catch a movie.
  5. Take them out on an impromptu coffee date.
  6. Surprise them with stunning flowers just because.
  7. Book a weekend in a romantic cabin in the woods.
  8. Draw them a bath after an exhausting day. Fill the tub with flowers for a special touch. Add a bottle of red with two glasses and see if you get an invite!
  9. Compliment them every now and then — a must if your partner's love language is words of affirmation. 
  10. Offer to be their personal chauffeur for a day.
  11. Send her a luxurious self-care gift basket.
  12. Go on a holiday vacation to that place they were always telling you about. For example, remember they said they've always dreamt of going to Paris or the Bahamas? That's your clue. Book that trip!
  13. Netflix and chill, but make it posh with chocolates and bubbly.
  14. Watch sunsets together. 
  15. Indulge in PDA whenever you're out — although keep it cute and wholesome. Hold their hands while walking, put your arm on their shoulders, and give them a hug, a peck on the cheek or the lips. 
  16. Spice things up with an unexpected box of racy lingerie on the bed when they get home.
  17. Plan a stargazing date together.
  18. Make them feel special with a special flower delivery at work — double-check subtly first if they're OK with the extra attention in the office.
  19. Take them on a scenic drive when they say they're so stressed from work.
  20. Prepare a perfect picnic date by the beach. 
  21. Go museum hopping.
  22. Spend weekends exploring the botanical parks and gardens in SoCal.
  23. Have spontaneous ice cream dates, daring each other to try the weirdest flavors on the menu.
  24. Ask them about their deepest, darkest fantasies — and act on them! That's one way to initiate opening up, show them that you're listening, and be an excellent team player!
  25. Go on a date dressed up as your favorite movie character.

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