The Luckiest Flowers for Chinese New Year

The Luckiest Flowers for Chinese New Year

The Lunar New Year is one of the biggest holidays for the Chinese community worldwide. As one of the most culturally diverse places in the US, it’s not surprising to see many people excited about taking part in the upcoming Chinese New Year—and the Year of the Rabbit—which begins on Sunday, January 22, 2023. 

Beautiful Flowers for Chinese New Year 

As we always say, gifting flowers will never go out of style. They’re tasteful and relevant no matter the occasion, and Chinese New Year is no exception. Moreover, fresh flowers play a significant part in most Asian cultures, regarding them as bearers of beauty and blessings from nature. Here are some examples of flowers and plants that are popularly gifted in celebration of this traditional holiday.

  • Orchids - Fertility and abundance 
  • Peach blossoms - Prosperity and success
  • Peonies - Wealth, love, and peace
  • Narcissus - Good luck 
  • Flamingo Lily - Prosperity
  • Lucky Bamboo- Health and strength
  • Money Tree - Good fortune 
  • Tangerines or Kumquat trees - Prosperity  
  • Other potted plants like peace lily, bromeliads, bonsais, and anthuriums to attract positive energy or "chi"

When sending flowers for Chinese New Year, don’t forget to put a touch of red, which is believed to be a lucky color. For example, ask our florists to have hand bouquets wrapped in fancy red paper or tied with a red satin ribbon. You can also do this with the stems of your orchid arrangement. 

Other Ideas for Chinese New Year Gift Baskets

Aside from orchids and fresh flower arrangements, you can also send a curated gift box filled with different goodies for friends and clients celebrating this famous Asian holiday. 

  • Box of apples, oranges, or tangerines to wish them safety and good fortune
  • Food baskets filled with chocolates, cheese, and other delicious treats
  • A bottle of fine wine 
  • An elegant tea set with boxes of premium-quality tea.

How to Wish Someone a Happy Chinese New Year?

The most common greeting for Chinese New Year is the Cantonese phrase “gong hei fat choy,” which means “wishing you great happiness and prosperity.” In addition, you can also say “Gong xi fa cai” (pronounced gong she fa tsai), which is the Mandarin version.

Must-See Celebrate Lunar New Year Events in Los Angels 

Welcome the Year of the Rabbit with these fun-filled festivities across the City of Angels. 

  • Lunar New Year Nights at LA Zoo (January 6-22)
  • Golden Dragon Parade at Chinatown (January 28)
  • Lunar New Year at Santa Monica Place (January 28)
  • Alhambra Lunar New Year Festival (January 29)
  • Los Angeles Chinatown Firecracker Festival (February 18-19)

Chic Chinese New Year Flowers for Delivery in Los Angeles 

Wish your friends from the Chinese community a Happy New Year by sending them our gorgeous orchids and floral creations. Orchid Republic is a luxury florist with posh floral boutiques and reliable same-day flower delivery in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Santa Monica. 

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