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Flower Facts

Check out our weekly feature of informative Flower Facts articles. Learn more about the beautiful stories behind your favorite flowers, where to find them, their blooming season, plus tips on how to grow them or make them last longer as cut flower arrangements.

Flower Facts: Protea

Let's talk about one of our most favorite fall flowers of all time, the Protea. Get to know more about its cool botanical info, flower types, and flower meanings.
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Carnations, The Official Mother's Day Flowers

Know more about the delicate carnations and how it was hailed as the flowers for mom's special holiday.
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Flower Facts: Details on Dainty Daffodils Plus Spring Flower Arrangement Tips

Here's everything you need to know about the spring blooming daffodils - types, flower meaning, gardening tips, and how to use them to make a stunning spring flower arrangement.
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Flower Facts: Christmas Amaryllis

Learn more about amaryllis, the festive Christmas flower that rivals the beauty of the poinsettia.
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Flower Facts: Types of Lilies, Flower Meaning, and More

Lilies are one of the bestselling flowers of all time. Learn all about what sets each type of lily apart, the flower meaning behind its colors and in different cultures, and how to make them last longer in cut flower arrangements.
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Flower Facts: Daisies – Types of Daisies Plus Tips on How to Use Them in Flower Arrangements

Gorgeous summer flowers, daisies come packed with charm and cheer. Learn more about their different types and varieties, how to make them last, and how to use them in your DIY floral arrangements.

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