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Flower Care

Check out these informative articles for practical tips and tricks on how to give your Orchid Republic flowers, orchids, and succulents the tender, loving care they deserve.


Our flowers are so stunning, you’d want them around forever. Get the most out of your Orchid Republic flower arrangements by learning how to keep them fresh longer.

How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

Normally, cut flowers can last up to a week, although a few types -- such as orchids, zinnias, chrysanthemums, and carnations -- that can stretch their beauty up to three...

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Ensure that your orchid plants get a long, healthy, and beautiful life with these frequently asked questions about orchid care and maintenance.

How To Make Your Orchids Bloom Again

Want to see your orchids rebloom, but don’t know how? Check out these tried and tested orchid care techniques now.

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Too little or too much? Find out how much and how frequent you should water your succulents.

How To Water Your Succulents

Should you water your succulent plant every day? Get your answers here plus instructions on how to properly water your succulent arrangement without overdoing it.

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