What’s In Season: August Wedding Flowers

What’s In Season: August Wedding Flowers

Here at Orchid Republic, we’re obsessed with seasonal and local flowers and love incorporating them into our floral arrangements as much as we can, especially for weddings!

Why Shop Seasonal Florals? 

If you’re tying the knot this month, we highly recommend opting for wedding floral designs using whatever blooms the current season has to offer. 

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Buying seasonal flowers can be relatively cheaper. 
  • They are more accessible to source compared to rare, out-of-season varieties. 
  • Seasonal flowers give you a bit of FOMO experience because you’d have to wait for months to see them again.
  • They make you nostalgic as you associate them with memorable moments that happened in different seasons. 
  • Buying in-season flowers as it’s usually a guarantee that they’d be sturdier and last longer because they are well adapted to the weather and climate. 
  • Shopping for local flowers helps the ethical flower farming community in California. 
  • In an effort to be more sustainable, we minimize our contribution to the carbon footprint production by opting to source more local flower selections than imported ones.

Our Top Picks for August Wedding Flowers

August is the peak of the summer season but just several weeks shy of autumn. Summer weddings are captivating and exude a carefree spirit. They are characteristically colorful and range from soft pastel to bright, eye-popping hues. We asked some of our best florists in Los Angeles for their favorite blooms to use in bridal bouquets, entourage flowers, tablescapes, and whatnots for a gorgeous summer wedding, and here are the top answers.



Dahlias are perfect as focal flowers for bridal bouquets because of their intricate beauty. In addition, they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, giving florists endless options.

In photo: Bona Dea Blooms, $269


Cosmos start blooming in June but are at their prettiest come August. We love them in pink, cream, and lavender with charming centers. They make a stunning addition to mixed flower arrangements. 


They’re close relatives of black-eyed Susans, those charming wildflowers that grow ubiquitously in the U.S. Rudbeckia are like more miniature sunflowers. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. They can be paired with muted pinks and earthy floral designs. 


Light, airy, and delicately beautiful. Scabiosa adds a unique character to wedding tablescapes and bridal bouquets. They bloom in peach, pink, cream, coral, purple, and other lovely summer hues.


Amaranth is another summer flower we love to use to add color and texture. These unbelievably edible grain flowers come in a drapey and upright form, which are fun to play with when creating elegant wedding floral arches and tablescapes. 

Chic Flowers for Intimate Weddings 

Let’s make your dream wedding even dreamier with our exquisite orchids and blooms leading you to the aisle. Orchid Republic offers bespoke wedding flower arrangements in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Santa Monica. 

For inquiries on wedding flowers, please email us at info@orchidrepublic.com. Our floral designers will be more than happy to assist you.





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