Here Are the Most Instagrammable Flowers This Summer 

Here Are the Most Instagrammable Flowers This Summer 

Flowers are probably one of the most Instagram-worthy things on the planet. In fact, there are countless hashtags dedicated to them, like #flowerstagram, #flowerpower, and #flowerdaily, to name a few. 

Summertime is an incredibly popular time for posting flower photos on social media. So conducted a study analyzing social media hashtags of more than 100 flowers to determine Instagram’s favorite blooms this season. According to the website, the results give us a sneak peek into which type of floral arrangements are deemed most visually pleasing by online users.

Did your favorite summer flower make it to the list? Let’s find out.

1. Roses 

The Marquessa, $250

Roses were hailed as the most Instagrammable flowers, with over 79.6 million posts using the hashtag #rose or #roses. It’s not surprising to see roses bag the top spot of the list for many reasons. They dominate Instagram because they bloom all year round, upping the chances of spotting them randomly at flower gardens or at your local florist’s, snapping a photo, and sharing them on social media. We love English roses in romantic pastel colors, dreamy nudes, and vivacious, bright colors in the summertime. 


2. Sunflowers 

Sunflower Paradise, $199

What a bummer summer would it be if there were no sunflowers on the list? With 14.7 million hashtags dedicated to it, sunflowers come second. These large, showy, sunshine-colored blooms are synonymous with the summer season and have over 70 varieties. They’re perfect as a focal flower in monofloral arrangements and sweet buds in mixed florals.

3. Tulips 

 Perfect Tulips, $129

Instagram has also caught the #tulipfever with 11.4 million hashtags associated with this flower. Tulips are absolutely gorgeous, with an extensive color range that beats the rainbow. To extend the beauty of your tulip floral arrangements, change the water at least every couple of days. Then, display them in a cool location out of direct sunlight or heat sources. 

4. Orchids 

Dazzling Diva, $269

Orchids are also on the list with 8.9 million Instagram hashtags. They’re exquisite and elegant, making them a certified scene stealer when used as a centerpiece at home or commercial establishments. They also represent pretty and positive flower meanings, making them a fitting birthday gift, congratulations gift, or housewarming flowers.  

5. Peonies 

Lucky to Have You, $310

Last but not least, the lovely peonies come in fifth with 7.7 million hashtags. Peonies are very seasonal flowers, blooming only in late spring to summer. Their rarity and limited availability, aside from the fact that they’re also bewitchingly pretty, explain why many flower lovers find them irresistible and Instagrammable. 

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