What Is Your Birth Orchid?

What Is Your Birth Orchid?
We have all heard of zodiac signs and birthstones. We have also featured birth flowers and their flower meanings on the blog previously. Recently, we discovered that in floriography, the language of flowers, there are also birth orchids that represent each month of the year.
Each orchid plant comes with an interesting flower meaning that says something about you, which may or may not be true but is ultimately worth checking out.  See the rest of the article and find out if you are a Vanda, a Cymbidium, or a Phalaenopsis based on your birth month. 


Birth Orchid: Dendrobium Orchids
Flower Meaning: A beautiful life


Birth Orchid: Lycaste Orchids
Flower Meaning: National Flower of Guatemala White Nun Orchid or Monja Blanca (Lycaste Skinneri var. alba). A pure heart.


Birth Orchid: Zygopetalum Orchids
Flower Meaning:  A long and lasting love  


Birth Orchid: Odontoglossum
Flower Meaning: "You are special." The name of this orchid genus was derived from the Greek words “odontos” (meaning tooth) and “glossa” (meaning tongue), because of the appearance of its callus and lips.


Birth Orchid: Masdevallia Orchids
Flower Meaning:  Temptation. 
Named after Spanish botanist,  Dr. Jose Masdeval.


Birth Orchid: Vanda Orchids
Flower Meaning: Innocence


Birth Orchid: Paphiopedilum or Lady Slipper Orchids
Flower Meaning: Affection


Birth Orchid: Phalaenopsis
Flower Meaning: Romance 


Birth Orchid: Oncidium
Flower Meaning: Fairness


Birth Orchid: Cattleya
Flower Meaning: Grace


Birth Orchid: Epidendrum
Flower Meaning: Blissfulness 


Birth Orchid: Cymbidium
Flower Meaning: Pure honesty

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