20 Plus Types of Orange Flowers and Their Meanings

20 Plus Types of Orange Flowers and Their Meanings

Vivacious, striking, and hard to miss, it’s hard to send the wrong message with orange floral arrangements because they represent mostly positive and beautiful things.  Some notable flower meanings for orange include happiness, warmth, and encouragement. Scroll down for a detailed discussion on that.

Here are some of our favorite flowers that bloom in orange:

      Orange Flowers for Warmth

      A bouquet of orange flowers is the perfect pick-me-up present for a friend or loved one who could be grieving the loss of someone near and dear, who could be close to losing hope after a series of mishaps in his/her life, or who could just use a stunning surprise to smile more.

      Orange Flowers for Strength

      Orange flowers, with their eye-catching hue, also stand for boldness and strength. This is why it’s a fitting gift to someone or even yourself if you want to do an act of bravery. For example, you ’re finally confessing one’s true feelings to someone after holding back for a long time or chasing an ultimate dream job after years of thinking twice.

      Orange Flowers for Fall Season

      For the autumn season, orange flowers are also commonly seen mixed with other warm and earthy tones like golden yellow, brown, bronze, and purple. They are especially popular during the months of October and November when the fall festivities start rolling.

      Thankfully,  Halloween isn’t limited to scary these days. A more modern take to is decorating a pumpkin with gorgeous flowers autumn flowers and foliage. If you’re not a fan of Jack-O lanterns and pumpkins at all, a beautiful floral arrangement of mostly orange blooms can be a handy and handsome substitute.

      For Thanksgiving tablescapes, flower arrangements in sunset hues of gold and orange can share the spotlight with autumn harvests -- such as pomegranates, persimmon, pumpkin -- plus interesting textures from different dried leaves and branches that you can forage from your backyard.

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