The Sweetest-Smelling Flowers to Have in Your Bouquet

The Sweetest-Smelling Flowers to Have in Your  Bouquet

Beyond their undeniable beauty, fresh flowers also have a distinct fragrance that makes them even more unforgettable. You may love receiving roses from your partner when celebrating anniversaries because you associate the lovely moments you shared with its pleasant scent. Having fragrant flower arrangements at home is also an effective way to freshen the space naturally. 

So, whether you’re flower shopping for yourself or a loved one, we highly recommend getting fragrant flowers into the mix to make your hand bouquets more memorable. Here are some of our florists’ favorites for the sweet-smelling flowers.


Roses are iconic for floral scents. They have that almost spell-binding aroma that makes them a top choice for many botanical-based perfumes and beauty oils. Roses can be both sweet and spicy with honey and fruity undertones. They remind you of a thriving flower garden filled with delicate roses in the morning. According to the Perfume Society, the most fragrant English rose varieties include Gertrude Jekyll, Munstead Wood, and Lady Emma Hamilton.

In photo: Sweet Caress rose bouquet


Lilies are the divas of the flower world. They’ve certified head-turners with large and exquisite flowerheads. They also have a fragrance that’s hard to miss. Stargazer lilies have a sweet, almost talc-like scent that spreads around the room and lasts for days. Lily of the Valley has that crisp, grassy, and lemon-like fragrance. On the other hand, calla lilies have a soft, elegant, and vanilla-like scent.


Peonies have an irresistibly sweet fragrance matching their stunning beauty. They have a refreshingly pleasant smell like roses but with more citrus notes and less peppery. It has an inspiring and uplifting effect.

In photo: Lucky to Have You 


Gardenia is well known for its mesmerizing beauty and fragrance. They are a favorite among florists and gardeners because of their lush shrubs that bless you with radiant blooms and a distinct floral scent that reminds you of tuberose with hints of orange. This dainty white flower symbolizes love and grace and evokes a sense of happiness and peace. 


Lilacs have a delightful floral scent that suits their charming pastel-colored petals. They have a powdery sweetness that fills the air. The quintessential spring flower reminds you of everything there is to love about the season. Always request stems of lilacs in your mixed flower arrangements. Their pretty pastel hues are the perfect addition to bouquets for happy occasions. 


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