Our Favorite Orchids for Autumn

Our Favorite Orchids for Autumn

Orchid lovers can attest that the beauty of orchids knows no season. Thanks to the flourishing orchid horticultural trade and techniques, we now get to indulge in exquisite orchid arrangements all year round. As it’s orchids we are talking about, the options are endless when it comes to what type of orchids will be right at your fingertips for the upcoming holidays, i.e. Halloween and Thanksgiving. But today, we’ll narrow it down to some of the most captivating orchid flowers in vivid fall hues for your autumn tablescapes.

Phalaenopsis Orchids


Demeter Orchids,$155

Phalaenopsis orchids bloom in a rainbow of colors and combinations, including autumn tones of sunset orange and deep purple. Most orchid flowers also flaunt unique specks and patterns that make them even more attractive. 

Cymbidium Orchids

Autumn Dusk, $265

From dark ochres to deep copper, muted pinks to burgundy, Cymbidiums own the autumn season with sophisticatedly stunning flower arrangements worthy to be at the center of every fall festivity. Experts suggest that Cymbidium orchids are probably the oldest cultivated orchid plant, going as far back as 2500 years ago in ancient China during the time of Confucius, who, by the way, dubbed the Asian Cymbidium Orchid as the King of Fragrance.

Vanda Orchids

The Vanda Queen, $169

Vanda orchids in the spectrum of indigo to aubergine got us magnetized and mesmerized. The big, bold orchid blooms both make a dramatic statement when used as a cut orchid arrangement and tastefully steal the thunder of other flowers in mixed floral designs. Vanda are true tropical orchids from the warm regions of Asia.

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Oncidium Orchids

The Dancing Lady Orchids are a delight to see as an elegant orchid plant resembling glowing fireflies with their gold, brown, and red splatters. With its long branches boasting of multiple inflorescences, Oncidium Orchids can be artfully combined with other blooms and resemble wispy twigs with fall foliage to create a resplendent autumn flower arrangement.

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