Orchid Care: How to Grow Vanda Orchids

Orchid Care: How to Grow Vanda Orchids


For the record, vanda orchids are probably not the best candidates to be your indoor orchid plant. A native of warm and tropical regions of Asia, vanda orchids thrive best when it is basking in bright sunshine every day and showered in rain during monsoon months. That being said, it can be quite a challenge for your living room to compete and live up to the kind of tender, loving orchid care they have gotten used to with Mother Nature.

However, if you are a serious orchid grower and you would like to include vanda orchids in your impressive orchid plants collection, here are some expert vanda orchid growing tips we have gathered online from reputable sources.

How much light do vanda orchids need?

As with most types of orchid plants, sufficient amount of light is the secret ingredient to making vanda orchids bloom in full health. According to the American Orchid Society (AOS), there are three basic types of vanda orchids and each one has a different requirement when it comes to light.

  • Terete vanda orchids - Distinctive pencil-shaped leaves.
  • Strap-leaved vanda orchids - This has flat and broad leaves.  
  • Semi-terete vanda orchids - A hybrid of strap-leaved and terete vanda orchids, it has intermediate leaves.

Vanda orchids with terete and semi-terete leaves need full sun and typically flower only when cultivated outside in areas with warm, tropical climates. Strap-leaved vanda orchids, on the other hand, can also be grown outdoors, particularly in midday summer, in warmer climates. In colder places or during winter, however, they should be sheltered from the cold and placed in a south-facing window. A special greenhouse with 25 to 35 percent shade and less during the cold winter season is highly recommended.

How to water vanda orchids?

Vandas are very thirsty orchid plants. You have to keep them hydrated, especially during intensely hot and dry summer months. Water your vanda orchid plant generously and regularly, especially during its growing phase. Soak the roots for minutes until it turns a little green on the tips.

Make sure the roots are allowed to dry properly by using slatted wooden baskets or planting them in terracotta pots with holes and coarse potting medium that let them grow out of it. Take note that the roots of vanda orchids can grow extensively, reaching up to five or six-foot-long sometimes. Another reason why they may not do well inside your home. In the warm and sunny season, you may need to water your vanda orchids every day. On the contrary, you have to space out watering sessions when the cold season starts to come.

Do vanda orchids love humidity?

Absolutely. As a native of the tropics, vanda orchids should be kept in an environment with 80 percent of humidity ideally. Inside a greenhouse, most orchid growers take advantage of evaporative coolers to maintain a healthy level of humidity for their vibrant vanda orchids. At home, you can replicate this method by putting the pot of your vanda orchids on top of shallow trays filled with gravel and water. Good ventilation and air circulation should also be provided.

How to fertilize vanda orchids

Vanda orchids are loved for their large, showy blooms that make them perfect for cut flower arrangements. This is why many orchid growers attest to using high-phosphorus fertilizer (10-30-20) once a month or every third application to their orchid plants to promote prolific blooming. Applying a balanced orchid fertilizer (20-20-20) at full potency once a week or at diluted in one-quarter of water every watering session is advised by the AOS. Limit it to once every couple of weeks to a month during winter.

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