Masculine Flowers: Tips for Gifting Gorgeous Bouquets for Guys

Masculine Flowers: Tips for Gifting Gorgeous Bouquets for Guys


Who says lovely flowers are exclusively for ladies? Everybody loves receiving flowers — yes, even men! But unfortunately, it’s a common misconception that most men want nothing to do with beautiful bouquets because they’re feminine and, therefore, only for girls. Well, guess what? Study shows the majority of people see it as an outdated stereotype we should definitely get rid of and believe in using the language of flowers as a compelling way to communicate with loved ones when words fail them.

Now that you know that, don’t let anything stop you from sending flowers to your dad, brother, boyfriend, husband, or male friends. Whether it’s to celebrate their birthday or anniversary or to congratulate them on a new baby or housewarming, the men in your life would appreciate your flower gifts. 

Here are some tips for choosing masculine floral arrangements to make sure you nail it on the first try.

Stick with gender-neutral or bold colors

Traditionally, soft-colored florals in pink and other pastel hues are associated with femininity and beauty. On the other hand, deep and dark colors like maroon, azure, purple, green, and orange can be seen as strong and manly. White and cream are neutral shades and can pass off as masculine. 

  • Dyed blue roses
  • Blue hydrangeas
  • Green cymbidium orchids
  • Purple vanda orchids
  • White phalaenopsis orchids
  • Blue anemone
  • Blue iris

In photo: Starry Night Orchids, $115

Go for flowers with unique shapes

Follow the same principle when selecting flower shapes. While soft, pillowy-looking blooms are seen as fitting for the ladies, edgy, structural-shaped blossoms, such as orchids, bird of paradise, protea, and blue thistle, are considered masculine. 

Incorporate something blue 

Blue is considered a universally masculine color. So, when sending flowers to a guy, we highly recommend adding a hint of blue to the whole ensemble. 

  • Add a bit of forget-me-not or hydrangeas as fillers in your floral arrangement
  • Use blue specialty paper when wrapping hand bouquets
  • Present the flowers in a sleek ceramic vase in shades of blue

In photo: Blue Moon, $275

Be specific about the scent 

Flowers, like stargazer lilies, have their signature sweet, powder talc scent that may be overwhelming for some guys. When selecting masculine flowers, it’s best to go for blooms with mellow fragrance or add sprigs of eucalyptus or lavender to give it a soothing and relaxing aroma.

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