The Life-Changing Benefits of Online Shopping for Indoor Plants

The Life-Changing Benefits of Online Shopping for Indoor Plants

The rise of e-commerce businesses has definitely changed the world as we know it. Subsequently, online shopping has become an unbreakable habit, especially for the younger generation. From shoes, bags, clothes, food, and now flower delivery and indoor plant delivery!

Shopping online for indoor plants is arguably the most practical solution to date if you work all week and cannot afford the luxury of spending a slow Sunday morning visiting your local garden centers and plant nurseries. In this article, we’ll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of online plant shopping and practical tips on how to prevent encountering these issues yourself.

Advantages of Online Plant Shopping

Check out the remarkable benefits of shopping for houseplants online. 

It offers convenience

This first one is obvious. Thanks to online plant shopping, now you can embrace the whole urban jungle appeal and shop on your laptop or smartphone for gorgeous species of houseplants with fantastic foliage and/or fragrant flowers. If you got massive plant envy from browsing too many drool-worthy photos of living spaces spruced up with frondy and ferny plants on Instagram, you can order online in the early morning and have them delivered to your doorstep the same day or the next day.

Aside from busy working professionals, it’s also perfect for those who can’t go out of the house whenever they please, say, moms, people who work from home, or who are physically incapable of due to an injury or a medical condition. Orchid Republic offers same-day plant and flower delivery anywhere in Los Angeles and Orange County. 

It brings you closer to nature

For some reason, in this day and age of jobs that require endless hours on screens, more and more people are drawn closer to nature, the kind that they can escape to any time they please. 

“Choosing to look after the garden, water my plants, check how they're doing is a way to regularly turn my attention to something else,” Rosianna Halse Rojas, a producer and plant lover from London shared with Forbes. According to Rojas, she loves the sense of fulfillment she gets when she cooks using herbs from her garden and the fact that she had noticeably fewer headaches when she started being surrounded with plants inside her home.

Shopping for plants online empowers you to immediately act upon your yearning for a pocket paradise by creating one within the corners of your own home. These days, it does not matter if you have a garden or backyard, as long as you have a balcony or even large north-facing windows to shower your flowering plants with bright light in the morning. Here at Orchid Republic, we have a special collection of stunning houseplants that come in elegant pots and that are specially selected to survive and thrive in indoor settings.

Disadvantages of Online Plant Shopping

But as with anything there is in life, there is also a flip side to online plant shopping, at least when you are not careful with your choices. Despite its undeniable benefits and convenience, online plant shopping horror stories are not unheard of. We’ve rounded up some of the most common issues and the corresponding tips on how you can prevent them from happening to you, too. 

Plant Problem: It died during transit time

It can be totally heartbreaking to see damaged or dead houseplants you ordered online. Frequently, this is caused by the stress of extensive time inside a windowless truck that could have been on the road for hours or improper handling. There could also be a chance that the plant was rather unhealthy, to begin with before it was sent out for delivery.


Pick an online shopping platform that is local to your area and that offers fast same-day delivery. At Orchid Republic, we offer same-day delivery LA and OC. We take pride in our well-trained staff members that are experts in delivering and handling delicate orchid plants, succulents, and indoor plants.

    Plant Problem:  It looks different from the photos on the website

    Whether intentional or not, sometimes customers feel duped when they see that the Rubber Plant they received during delivery was different from what they were expecting based on the product photos on the website or on Instagram. This could be a bummer especially if you already have a spot or pot in mind for the plant.


      Ask the seller to send photos of your orders before they are sent to your address. This way you can manage your expectations and voice out any concerns early on.

      At Orchid Republic, this is part of our standard operating procedure, not just for plants but for our flower arrangements, succulents, and other offerings, too. We will send you a message of an incoming delivery together with the photo of your order. In addition, if we also notify you if a specific plant or orchid is not available and suggest fantastic alternatives that we have in stock.

          Online Plant Shopping Los Angeles/Orange County

          Get the best of both worlds with Orchid Republic. Shop for spectacular orchids, flowers, and indoor plants online or visit our floral boutique at Sherman Oaks to get your daily dose of dainty!

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