Boost Your Immunity and Fight Flu Season with Beautiful Houseplants

Boost Your Immunity and Fight Flu Season with Beautiful Houseplants

Indoor plants, anyone?

If your anxiety has gone through the roof with all the news on Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak prevalent around the globe on top of the annual flu season that we have to endure, you are not alone. 

However, instead of focusing on fear, it’s probably best that we put our mind on the facts on how we can overcome these diseases. So far, we know that we have to build up our immunity through megadoses of vitamin C, vitamin D through natural sun exposure, proper rest, and taking in lots of fluids. But besides all these, did you know that getting close to nature or filling your home with stunning indoor plants can have remarkable effects on your health and well-being as well? 

Houseplants Against Cold and Flu

Almost all indoor plants, except for succulents and cacti, can reduce the virulence and the risks of infection from cold, flu, and other airborne infections because of their ability to boost humidity levels, which they do through the process of transpiration. This is what researchers have found in a 2013 study published in the open-access medical journal PLOS One.

Transpiration refers to the natural water movement in plants and its evaporation through the leaves, while the stomata are making food from sunlight through photosynthesis. Experts suggest that the bigger the plant, the greater its transpiration properties would be. Having more plants together also raises the humidity levels in living and office spaces. 

There are also studies that suggest that having lots of plants at home can speed up the body’s natural healing process and put you at a positive disposition despite being sick. There are, in fact, papers in Norway that have powerfully illustrated that illnesses drop by a whopping 60% by simply having plants in the home. 

Add a huge pot of tall and thriving houseplants, such as Ficus Lyrata, Fiddle Leaf Fig, or Rubber Plant, into the corners of your home. These statuesque plants are a beautiful way of introducing greenery in a sure but subtle way. 

Take Care of Plants to Cope with Emotional Stress 

There is no sense denying that the past weeks have been difficult for everyone in the world. The uncertainty of the future with all that is happening can be overwhelming and too much to process.

Thankfully, having plants and flowers at home can also work wonders in this scenario. Aside from the natural chemicals released by the plants to lower the levels of stress around the house, having a daily morning ritual of watering or pruning the plants or admiring their gorgeousness while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea in the morning has its own therapeutic benefits as well. You are able to carve out an opportunity to take it slow, breathe, and think happy thoughts even for just a few minutes out of your busy day.

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