How to Set Intentions and Keep Them This Year

How to Set Intentions and Keep Them This Year


The New Year always holds a lot of promise and positivity. Many people see it as an opportunity to start anew and live each day in a clean slate. It also brings hope to finally become better, happier, and more beautiful versions of themselves.

What is an intention?

The Chopra Center defines intentions as the starting point of every dream and the compelling force that helps you achieve everything you desire in life, whether it is in your professional career, relationships, or physical and spiritual health.

Intentions are almost similar to New Year’s resolutions but deeper, more personal, and inward. What makes intentions better than resolutions is that they are not a mere bucket list of goals that you work to tick off until the year draws to a close, they are more of a set of things you want to resolve within yourself that as a result connects you to your true calling or purpose in life.  Your intentions will reflect your desires and the actions and decisions that you take to fulfill each of them.

Setting an intention

Each person will have a different set of intention, depending on what they want to change within them or their dreams. Your own intentions will be different from your friends or from the people you look up to online. To give you an idea, here are some examples of personal intentions:

  • I intend to live a healthier and more active lifestyle (instead of saying I intend to lose weight).
  • I intend to love myself more.
  • I intend to always finish things that I have started.

Follow these tips to you get started with your intentions and to help you keep them this year.

Sum up your intentions in two words

Start your intention making by summarizing everything you want for this year in a couple of words. Some excellent examples are learning and loving; growing and forgiving. Though general, these words will help you remember the purpose of whatever it is you are doing and inspire you to stay on track as well. Experts recommend meditating on these words so that they become a mantra and a natural part of your consciousness.

Make your intentions positive

Intentions are meant to be inspiring, uplifting, enlightening, and always positive. Avoid negative words that trigger negative feelings when you set your intentions. For instance, instead of saying, “I intend to cut my relationships from toxic and hateful people,” you can say, “I intend to only keep loving and nurturing relationships that bring joy to my life.”

Start with the little things

Every little thing you do every single day can be a part of your sticking to your intentions. If you intend to be in charge of your happiness, invite happiness into your life, or share your happiness with other people, there are many things that you can do to always be true to this intention. This could be as simple as getting enough sleep, paying attention to your own love language, or buying fresh flower arrangements for your home or for your loved ones or even random strangers to spread love and positivity every now and then (Flowers are scientifically proven to release feelings of gratitude and joy in the recipient).

Be realistic and be kind to yourself

Do not be anxious about the results of your intentions because that totally defeats their purpose. Right from the very start, acknowledge that you do not have control over everything and that some things will not go your way. Break your major long-term intentions into smaller, short-term intentions. Allow your intentions to change as your heart and circumstances change as well.

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