Here's Why Orchids Make Gorgeous Mother's Day Gifts

Here's Why Orchids Make Gorgeous Mother's Day Gifts


Shopping for stunning Mother’s Day flowers for all the mommies in your life? We’ve said it before and we’ll never get tired of saying again and again. Orchids make tasteful and thoughtful gifts for all occasions and Mother’s Day is no exception. Whether it’s for your mom, mother-in-law, wife, sister, aunt, best friend, or colleague, you can never go wrong with a beautiful orchid arrangement that will make them truly feel how much you love and appreciate them.

Orchid plants will last longer.

Because they are essentially flowering plants, orchid arrangements will last significantly longer compared to Mother’s Day flower arrangements. The orchid’s impressive staying power can be used to symbolize a mother’s love that can withstand the test of time. Giving you the bang for your buck, mom’s orchid will continue to bloom weeks or even months after Mother’s Day has come and gone, reminding her of your sweet gesture every day.

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Orchids come in a range of colors mom will love.

What’s your mom’s favorite color? Whether it’s sweet peach, sunshine yellow, fuschia pink, or deep purple, it’s no surprise to see a striking orchid plant in every charming hue. In fact, there are also those adorable phalaenopsis orchids dyed in baby blue if your mom fancies the color of the ocean or dreams of seeing mysterious blue flowers on her special day.

Orchids have lovely flower meanings.

Depending on the color of their flowers and where you are in the world, orchids represent different flower meanings; each beautiful and blissful. You can use its flower meanings as a guide on choosing the perfect color of orchids to give someone.

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For Mother’s Day, you have the option to give your mom and mother-in-law white orchids for respect and perfection or pink orchids for beauty and femininity, which you can also give your sister or if you're a husband, your wife.  Purple vanda orchids are also an excellent choice because they stand for royalty and admiration, which is only fitting for the queen of your home. Cheerful yellow orchids, on the other hand, are all about friendship and happy vibes and make the best presents for colleagues and mom friends.

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Aside from all these winning qualities, orchid plants are also allergy-free and pet-friendly. This is why we believe nothing beats orchid arrangements in the flower gift-giving category. Friends and family who have certain sensitivities to flowers or who have super curious furry friends at home can enjoy orchids any time!

Stop procrastinating. Go get mom and all the other mothers in your list a gorgeous orchid present from our Mesmerizing Mother’s Day Collection now. Guaranteed delivery anywhere in Los Angeles and Orange County.

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