Forever Flowers: Beautiful Blooms That Last for Years

Forever Flowers: Beautiful Blooms That Last for Years


It’s a dream come true for any flower lover to have roses that last forever. Let’s be honest, no matter how good local artisans or bigtime manufacturers have become in replicating fresh flowers, paper and plastic still got nothing on the real deal. It’s simply impossible to compete with nature. Fortunately, there’s now a way to indulge in the beauty of real flowers for years with zero maintenance required from your end. Enter Forever Flowers. 

What Are Forever Flowers?

Also known as forever roses or eternity roses, forever flowers are artfully preserved and treated using advanced multi-step techniques, including dehydration; immersion to non-toxic chemicals like glycerin and other plant-based solutions; and dyeing. Forever flowers are usually presented in glass domes, hatbox flowers, or vases.

Eternity Roses

Are Forever Flowers Real? 

Yes, forever flowers are made from fresh blooms. They are made from real Ecuadorian roses exposed to specific floral preservation methods to extend their lifespan. Unlike dried flowers, forever flowers maintain their color, fragrance, form, and beauty. 

How Long Do Forever Flowers Last?

Depending on several contributing factors, including preservation technique, forever flowers can remain exquisite and elegant for at least 12 months up to three years. However, there are some makers of forever flowers that claim the blooms can last up to 20 years if they are not opened from their original packaging.

Here are some tips to further extend the longevity of forever flowers:

  • Do not expose the flowers to direct sunlight.
  • Do not let the blooms get wet or get exposed to excessive moisture.
  • Refrain from touching.

Everlasting Roses

Everlasting Roses

Forever Flowers by Orchid Republic

Orchid Republic is an independent florist based in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles. We specialize in orchid arrangements, seasonal florals, luxe gift boxes, succulents, forever flowers, and bespoke floral arrangements. 

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