Flowers That Will Dry Beautifully from Your Bouquet

Flowers That Will Dry Beautifully from Your Bouquet


Receiving a flower delivery on special occasions just hits differently. It’s sweet, memorable, and undeniably core memory material. They’re so beautiful you wish they’d last forever — and they can! Whether a few stems from your bridal bouquet or your favorite buds from an unforgettable birthday floral arrangement, drying flowers can help you enjoy their beauty and the priceless memories they come with for years.

What Types of Flowers Are Perfect for Drying? 

But can you dry any flower? Theoretically, you can try and dry just about any flower from your hand bouquets. However, our seasoned florists suggest that different flowers require different drying methods to achieve the prettiest results. 

Here are some examples from Flower Drying Masterclass:

1. Small and flat flowers

Flowers with thin, paper-like, and single-layer petals are the easiest to dry because they absorb the moisture easily and flatten quickly if you press them. The best flowers for pressing are daisies, pansies, lavender sprigs, and violas.

2. Sturdy blooms 

These flowers are great for air drying because they contain less water and would remain intact even during the lengthy drying process—for example, hydrangeas, amaranth, lavender, baby’s breath, celosia, and strawflower. When drying hydrangeas, make sure to do it while they’re still vibrant in color; otherwise, you’ll end up with a lackluster result. 

3. Flowers with layered petals 

Roses, tulips, zinnias, and chrysanthemums should be dried using the microwave method, which involves subjecting them to heat with a bowl of desiccant or cat litter, preventing them from withering in the process.

4. Big showy, flowers 

Larger and more delicate flowers, such as peonies, lilacs, and dahlias, can be preserved in a sealed, air-tight container with moisture-removing ingredients. 

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