Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding Flowers Revealed

Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding Flowers Revealed

Real-life royal weddings are perhaps the closest things we’ll ever get to a romantic fairy tale and a handsome Prince Charmings. This is why it’s no surprise the world can’t get enough of Britain’s latest royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The upcoming union is close to our hearts because the soon-to-be princess is from the United States. Markle was born and raised in Los Angeles and is a Hollywood actress most notably known for her role as Rachel on the hit Netflix TV series, Suits.

After a year of dating, the Clarence House announced back on November 27, 2017, that the two are officially engaged and were set to tie the knot in spring of 2018. Through the following months, the Palace gave tidbits about the much-awaited wedding.

So far, here’s what we know about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day. Ooh, we can't wait to tell you about their wedding flower arrangements!

The Royal Wedding

According to the Kensington Palace, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will exchange vows on May 19, 2018, at the St. George’s Chapel in the Windsor Castle.

While the ceremony is undoubtedly exclusive only for VIPs, the Palace invites everyone to witness as Prince Harry and his bride parades the streets of Britain in an open carriage, a royal wedding tradition seen also in the weddings of Prince Charles and Princess Diana and Prince William and Duchess Catherine of Cambridge.

Rumor has it that up to 800 guests will be invited to the reception, with bigwigs, such as Sir Elton John, former U.S. President Barack Obama and wife, Michelle, Rihanna, and Markle’s co-stars from the Suits.

The Florist

But of course, you all know what we, flower lovers, are most excited about at weddings, royal or not: the flowers!

In a press release from Kensington Palace, it was revealed that the lovers have picked out London-based florist, Philippa Craddock, for the church flowers.

“I am thrilled to share with you that we have been asked by Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle to create their wedding flowers in May. I am loving working with them, it is an incredible privilege, and the designs will be a true reflection of them as a couple, with sustainability at the forefront,” Craddock shared the news through her official Instagram account.

Wedding Flowers

The flower arrangements will specifically feature spring flowers that naturally bloom in May, such as white garden roses, foxgloves, and peonies. Everything should be in season and locally sourced, with foliage like branches of beech, birch, and hornbeam handpicked from the royal gardens and parks of The Crown Estate and Windsor Great Park.

Meghan Markle once said peonies make her "endlessly happy."
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Apparently, they hope for the floral displays to beyond beautiful, but eco-friendly, too, by adding flowers and foliage from the royal grounds’ wildflower meadows that are known to attract pollinators, such as bees.

Honoring Princess Diana

As mentioned, the wedding flowers include white garden roses, which are famously known to be the favorite flowers of the late Princess Diana, Prince Harry’s mother. In fact, last year, the Sunken Garden in the Kensington Palace Grounds was filled with breathtaking white roses in memory of Lady Diana’s 20th death anniversary.

Meghan Markle’s Wedding Bouquet  

In 2011, Kate Middleton’s own bridal bouquet featured sweet William (an endearing nod to his husband), lily of the valley (a tribute to the late Princess Diana’s trailing wedding bouquet), some hyacinth, and ivy. It was classy, classic, yet understated.

Apparently, her bouquet wasn’t random. We learned that with flowers, the Royals have rules, too!

Here are a few centuries-old wedding traditions followed by the British Royal Family, particularly when it comes to the wedding bouquet.

  • A sprig of myrtle. Myrtle stands for hope and love. This royal wedding tradition was first seen when Queen Victoria tied the knot with Prince Albert.
  • Classic all-white. We’re honestly not sure if an all-white wedding bouquet is mandatory for all royal brides, but we’re sure as hell never seen a princess walk down the aisle with a colorful flower in hand under the Queen’s watchful eye.
  • Laid to rest at Westminster Abbey. This royal wedding tradition was first done by the Queen Mother when she wedded King George VI in 1923. She offered her wedding bouquet to the grave of her brother Fergus, who died at the Battle of Loos during the First World War in 1915. All brides followed the Queen Mother’s footsteps until the Duchess of Cambridge.

We’re not sure about the bride’s bouquet, but it was reported that all the floral creations during Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding were requested to be gathered and donated to charitable organizations.

On the other hand, the inclusion of peonies in her wedding flowers is expected by many, as Markle was once quoted saying that the puffy spring blooms make her “endlessly happy.” Will white peonies ake it to the bride’s bouquet, too? Let’s wait and see.

What do you think of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s choice of flowers for their wedding? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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