Effortless Halloween Decoration Ideas For Super Busy People

Effortless Halloween Decoration Ideas For Super Busy People


Nothing is scarier than a Halloween home decoration done wrong.

Such interior horror will surely get your guests screaming from the inside. Just because it’s autumn and Halloween doesn’t mean your house needs to be a ghastly view of bright orange all over. Let this article show you how there’s more to Halloween decors than tacky Jack-O lanterns. 

Here’s how to get into the Halloween spirit without breaking a sweat.

Go timeless with black and white

Here's one that will surely work nicely for every home. Do you have an immaculately white Scandinavian living room or a contemporary pad with bold black pieces?

Hit the sweet spot between spook and style by throwing in a few creepy elements. From throw pillows with spider prints, skulls for an eye-catching centerpiece, mini pumpkin and gourds painted in striking black and white, or just cute little black and white party buntings on your focal wall or fireplace mantlepiece. Be creative! Adding little bat cut-outs on the corners of your living room walls will look wicked as well.

Goth and Gorgeous 

Work it with candle magic

Too busy to be bothered for a DIY, but lusting for Pinterest-worthy Halloween home interiors? This one is for you. Get a pack of white candles and put them in clear transparent bottles of different shapes and sizes that you can gather around your house. Arrange them in varying heights close to one another, and voila. This would add a simple but elegant touch to your tablescape.

Halloween Flower Arrangements 

The Red Lady

Red roses may often be associated with love and romance, but they also evoke a certain kind of deep, dark, and mysterious things – not to mention they remind you of blood, too!

A bunch of red roses complemented with spooky elements, for example, a skull vase (or a just a simple black vase if a skull is too much), a white gourd/pumpkin, faux spiders, or a little web, or whatever black and white element of your liking, would make one scary but sophisticated statement piece to die for.

Running out of time to make a DIY? No problemo! Take your pick from our hauntingly beautiful Halloween flower arrangements. Order now and get same-day delivery anywhere in Los Angeles or Orange County. 

When decorating for a special occasion...

Remember, less is more. It's best to go for timeless pieces you can reuse and repurpose, too. Saves you not just time, but money as well.

Concentrate on the focal points of your home or the spot your guests usually first see or rest their eyes on. Instead of filling up your entire space with decorations, you can strategically put them there for all to see.



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