Creepy But Classy Ideas For DIY Halloween Wreaths

Creepy But Classy Ideas For DIY Halloween Wreaths

Get into the spirit of Halloween with these scary but stylish wreaths on your front door, walls, windows, or wherever. Try these easy DIY projects that you and your kids will definitely have fun making. 

Black Tulle Wreath

Here’s a gorgeous wreath you’d be hungover with even if Halloween is over. Made of black tulle fabric, orange ribbons, faux flowers, a circular frame, and other spooky ornaments, this Halloween wreath will surely look impressive on your door.

Hydrangea Flower Wreath

Fall in love with hydrangeas in golden colors of autumn. A hassle-free creation sans the glue and the long tedious work, this charming flower wreath is an adorable take on Halloween and fall. Infuse it with a little bit more of the Halloween spookiness by adding fake cobwebs or spiders, which you can easily remove once the Jack-O-lantern holiday has concluded.

Black Roses Wreath

This wreath of black roses doesn’t only look deep, dark, and mysterious but they look very stylish too. Simply spray black paint on your regular artificial red roses, and voila! A gothic-inspired rose wreath for Halloween.

Bonus Tip: A Second Life For Your Flower Arrangements 

You too can create your very own Halloween wreaths naturally and inexpensively. Do this by repurposing your almost-dead flower arrangements.

  • Create a simple circle frame using a thin metal wire.
  • Artfully arrange pieces of your dead flowers around the frame.
  • Add dried twigs, leaves, and berries for depth and texture.
  • Preserve and protect your natural flower wreath by spraying it with a special sealant.  An artist lacquer, a glossy lacquer you can find at any hardware or craft store, or even a good 'ole hairspray of yours may also do the job.

And voila! You have your own Halloween cum fall-inspired flower wreath in no time (and at little to no cost)!


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