DIY Flower Preservation: How To Dry Rose Petals

DIY Flower Preservation: How To Dry Rose Petals

Receiving flowers, especially roses, is always a wonderful feeling. They look so stunning if only you can make them last longer. That’s possible actually.

Roses can be preserved and turned into many useful things, too. Dried rose petals can be enjoyed as a sweet-smelling potpourri, a cup of soothing rose tea, a luxurious rose bath – and the list goes on and on!

It’s amazingly easy to dry your own rose petals – no fancy tools needed.  Check out these simple ways on how to dry rose petals like a pro:

Air Or Sun Dry

  • Layout your rose petals on a flat-surfaced container, preferably one made of a mesh screen. Make sure none of the petals touch or overlap each other.
  • Place the container on a spot that gets a lot of air and sunlight.
  • They should be sheltered from the direct heat of the sun (which may cause color fading) and not going to get wet to prevent them from getting rotten and growing molds.
  • Air or sun-drying your rose petals may take two or three days, depending on the weather. Turn the petals at least once a day for equal exposure. You’ll know they’re ready once they look brown and toasty.

Use A Microwave

  • Put the rose petals on a microwave-safe container lined with two sheets of paper towels.
  • Cover the rose petals with a new layer of paper towels.
  • Put a plate on top, which acts as a lid.
  • The heat inside the microwave oven within 40 seconds or so or until the rose petals have dried fully.

Use A Book

You’ve probably tried this once in your life. This old school way of drying roses is pure and simple.

  • Open a book.
  • Put your petals in. Same rule: no two petals should touch or overlap.
  • Close the book.
  • Check back after a week or two, and you’ll have perfectly dried roses.

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