Here’s Why Orchids Make Perfect Valentine’s Day Flowers

Here’s Why Orchids Make Perfect Valentine’s Day Flowers

Beautiful orchid arrangements are always a brilliant gift idea no matter the occasion and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Here are some excellent examples why orchids can be the queen of V-day flowers.

1. Orchids make a one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day flowers.

Red roses are a classic Valentine’s Day flowers. Orchids, on the other hand, make a powerful statement that will never go unnoticed. With its large exquisite blooms that last up to weeks or even years with proper orchid care, your Valentine will surely remember your sweet gesture for a long time. With proper love and care, this orchid plant can also grow and continue to bloom for years.


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An ancient symbol of royalty and reverence, orchids also represent beauty and love. As a matter of fact, Paphiopedilum, a major orchid genus, was named after “Paphos,” which was the sacred temple of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.

During the Victorian era, orchids symbolized a woman’s fairness. Men were expected to present rare orchids as a precious gift to women they fancy. The rule is, the rarer the orchid, the deeper your love is and the purer your intentions are.

White phalaenopsis orchids stand for elegance and pure intentions. Pink orchid plants symbolize romance and the happiness it brings.

2. Orchids are allergy-friendly gifts.

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Some may think twice about giving orchids as a gift for Valentine’s Day in fear of triggering serious allergies from recipients. This is a legit concern that should really be taken into account. However, experts have proven that orchids are one of the safest flowers you can give to anyone without causing allergies. Unlike other types of flowers, the pollen of orchid plants are sticky and securely concealed inside the bloom. This means there is no risk of the orchid pollen getting airborne and triggering pollen allergies from anyone. 

For further reading on this topic: Do Orchids Have Pollen: Why It’s Almost Impossible To Have An Orchid Allergy.

3. Orchids are guaranteed to be pet-friendly.

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Our informative orchids and pet articles are probably one of our top-ranking content. This only shows that a lot of pet lovers are interested if they can have lovely orchids without putting their pet’s life in danger. The good news is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has phalaenopsis orchids among many flowers and plants that are non-toxic to dogs, cats, and even horses. If you have someone on your Valentine's Day list who has a furry baby, a chic orchid arrangement still fits the bill.

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