A Beautiful Way to Celebrate National Work From Home Day

A Beautiful Way to Celebrate National Work From Home Day

In the last couple of years, more and more professionals are embracing the work-from-home setup as a regular part of their daily lives, encouraged further by the pressures of social distancing due to health and safety reasons brought by the pandemic. 

While it has changed the world and the trajectories of your career as you know them, you cannot deny that working from home has its incredible advantages. Taking out the commute to work and the physical requirement to be tied to your desks and stay in the office has opened a whole world of possibilities in terms of the things you can do and discover about yourself. In addition, working from home also gave people a chance to reconnect and spend more time with loved ones — fur babies included!

That’s why although the world is slowly reopening and companies are encouraging their employees to return to the office, lots of professionals choose to stick with the remote work way of life. 

Needless to say, National Work From Home Day gives many more reasons to celebrate! It’s an unofficial holiday observed every 30th of June. This year, make it extra special with these exciting tips!

Treat yourself to an inspiring flower arrangement 

Study shows fresh floral arrangements have positive effects that instantly uplifts the mood, eases pressure and stress, and reduces symptoms of depression. Go flower shopping online, or go to your favorite local floral boutique to check out what’s in season. Being surrounded by flowers is one of the most effective ways to get a quick boost of happiness. So get a gorgeous bouquet for your work desk

Spruce up your home office with orchids and indoor plants 

Flowers and houseplants are the perfect organic decorations for a work-from-home space because they’re known to inspire creativity and productivity. Aside from providing a calming and inviting aesthetic, indoor plants are also beneficial because they improve the quality of air indoors, lowering the levels of harmful volatile organic compounds or VOCs, which come from everyday things we use. Unfortunately, they can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat, causing allergies, difficulty breathing, and other long-term illnesses.

Orchid plants make wonderful centerpieces because of their powerful looks and low-maintenance nature. For air-purifying indoor plants, we highly recommend:

  • Snake plant (Sansrevaria)
  • Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema modestum)
  • Peace lily (Spathiphyllum ‘Mauna Loa’)
  • Spider plant (Chlorophytum Comosum)
In photo: Peak Pretty, $279

Take yourself on a well-deserved vacation 

Working from home can also be stressful without taking proper breaks and lead to burnout. Instead, achieve a healthy work-life balance by devoting time for rest and relaxation. Take a mini-vacation hiking scenic trails or driving to nearby beaches. Lucky you because SoCal is blessed to have the best of both worlds!

Celebrate National Work From Home Day With A Flower Delivery 

Visit our floral boutiques to check out our current floral selection. Or shop flowers online and get same-day flower delivery anywhere in Los Angeles, Orange County, or Santa Monica. 

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