5 Activities Near Los Angeles For Orchid Lovers

5 Activities Near Los Angeles For Orchid Lovers


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Whether you’re just discovering your love for orchids for the first time or starting to run out of ideas on how to fuel your passion for these fabulous florals, today’s article is for you.

Time to plan the weeks ahead and fill your calendar with these must-try activities that will surely inspire the orchid aficionado in you.


Stroll down an orchid garden near you


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If you live in Los Angeles, consider yourself lucky, because this city has an impressive list of truly breathtaking public botanical gardens that houses a wide array of hundreds of unique orchid species and orchid hybrids.

Our favorite L.A. gardens include:

  • Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden
  • The Huntington Gardens
  • Descanso Garden
  • South Coast Botanic Garden

Start your own private orchid collection


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Can’t get enough of the beauty and bliss seeing these blooming orchid flowers give you?

Fortunately, orchids will be glad to stay and live happily ever after with you, whether you’re blessed with a grandiose garden or just a sunny window. Believe it or not, despite their delicate features, orchids are strong, resilient plants that can adapt to different temperatures and more often than not require minimal maintenance.

For starters, you grow your collection from these popular orchid types that have been proven to thrive excellently indoors:

  • Phalaenopsis orchids
  • Lady’s slipper orchids
  • Cymbidium orchids
  • Cattleya orchids
  • Dendrobium orchids

Collect these orchids in different sizes, colors, and presentation. Go for hanging orchid plants with nice cascading blooms or an exquisite orchid arrangement in a classic ceramic vase. You’re the curator now. The possibilities are endless. Go to your favorite flower shop, or better yet, shop for your orchids online.

Read all about orchids

If you’re a bibliophile who has recently discovered your passion for orchids, you’ll be thrilled to know that there’s a massive amount of stuff written about orchids – their history, the countless orchid species, the seemingly endless orchid hybrids being identified, and other colorful stories that make orchids more fascinating.

For orchid books, some must-reads include:

  • Understanding Orchids, William Cullina
  • Ortho’s All About Orchids, Ortho and Elvin McDonald
  • Your First Orchid, American Orchid Society
  • The Orchid Whisperer, Bruce Rogers

These orchid books will absolutely be a pretty addition to your library.

But if you think it’s better digital, our website and that of the American Orchid Society also contain objective and informative content about orchids.

Go on a road trip and visit all the orchid farms in California


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Ready to take your love affair with orchids to the next level?

If you’re interested in growing your own orchid plants, we recommend you do your research by going on a field trip along the California Orchid Trail, where you can find some of the best orchid growers in the country, such as Santa Barbara Orchid Estate and Cal-Pacific Orchid Farm.

Aside from the visual treat seeing all those stunning orchids in one place, you can perhaps haggle here if you’re buying bulk (no guarantees though) or find a great supply of unique orchid species or hybrids at a reasonable bargain.

The best part is you can also probably ask these orchid experts about their tried and tested orchid tips and techniques when it comes to how to grow or maintain orchids under different conditions.

Sign up with an orchid society

As the old saying goes, birds of the same feather flock together.

If you want to stay up to date with all the latest trends and happenings about all things orchids, best to stick with fellow orchid lovers while enjoying exciting perks of being a bonafide member of a prestigious orchid organization like the Orchid Society of Southern California or the American Orchid Society if you want to go with the big leagues.



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