3 Sweet Ways to Surprise Your Sweetheart on Your Anniversary

3 Sweet Ways to Surprise Your Sweetheart on Your Anniversary

Anniversaries are a major milestone for every relationship. Whether you are celebrating your wedding anniversary or couple anniversary, your first or your fiftieth, staying together in spite of and despite everything life throws at you for a year, deserves an epic night filled with beautiful moments that’ll keep you going for another year.

In this blog, we share three anniversary date ideas with these smooth but sweet surprises. Check them out!

Recreate Your First Date 

Anniversaries are all about celebrating how your love and relationship has withstood the test of time. Reminisce your first sweetest moments by recreating your first date. Go down memory lane together as you recall the little details that led to your hearts skipping a beat. Dress up like how you did during your first date. Did you pick her up or met at a restaurant in LA? Did you sit by the window, order wine, or perhaps had a steak? Did you bring her flowers on the first date? Remembering your first date guarantees to send those butterflies in your stomach back again, or at least some flirty and hilarious giggles!

The Apple of My Eyes

On the contrary, if you didn’t have a memory of a formal first date, well, what’s stopping you from pulling off one of the best anniversary date ideas ever? Granted, life is not like in the movies and not everyone gets to experience that first date, love at first sight magic. Treat your bae to an epic anniversary date by dressing up, taking her/them to a nice and fancy restaurant, and surprising her with a charming bouquet like a true gentleman. Anniversaries only come once a year, go all out on this one.

Book a Romantic Getaway 

Now, here’s another anniversary date idea that’s definitely set to let sparks fly again. Surviving a year as a couple, especially in the midst of a pandemic, is no mean feat. While staying home to watch Netflix and chill sounds safe and comfy, shake things up for your anniversary by booking a romantic getaway for just the two of you.

It doesn’t matter whether that means staying in a chic hotel or camping in the woods. Plan the kind of getaway that both of you will enjoy. Don’t forget to inform your accommodation that you are celebrating your anniversary. They might just slip in little surprises like rose bouquets or heart-shaped petals on your bed, a free wine or couple massage to make your stay memorable.

Te Amo Roses

Happy Anniversary Flowers 

Mark the occasion by sending a gorgeous flower arrangement at your significant other’s home or office. Receiving a beautiful bouquet of your favorite blooms is perhaps one of the best anniversary surprise ideas anyone could ever do for you. 

Some of our bestselling Happy Anniversary flower arrangements always include requests for orchids, roses, and tulips from our clients, which is not surprising considering the classic beauty of these blooms and their endearing flower meanings that are always tied to romance and all things wonderful.

Audacious Roses

If you’re looking for an anniversary floral arrangement that would last a long time, we highly recommend gifting one of our elegant orchid plants. Artfully arranged and filled with optimal potting material, they can thrive indoors for months or years with effortless upkeep.

On the other hand, if you want wedding anniversary flowers that symbolize the years of your union, you can also follow this guide.

  • 1st anniversary: Carnations
  • 2nd anniversary: Cosmos
  • 3rd  anniversary: Sunflowers
  • 4th  anniversary: Geraniums
  • 5th  anniversary: Daisy
  • 10th anniversary: Daffodils
  • 25th anniversary: Iris
  • 50th anniversary : Golden roses 

If you know your partner’s favorite flowers, you can ask our florist to create a mixed flower arrangement for your anniversary that incorporates specific blooms mentioned above. 

Anniversary Flower Arrangements by Orchid Republic

Celebrating your anniversary around the city? We got you! Orchid Republic offers same-day flower delivery anywhere in Los Angeles and Orange County. Shop our collections of orchids and ready-made floral designs or give us a call for bespoke floral arrangements.

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