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Orchid Arrangements in Koreatown

Orchid Republic offers exquisite orchid arrangements in Koreatown and in other areas around Los Angeles. We have a wide array of magnificent orchid plants and arrangements that usually use phalaenopsis orchids, cymbidium orchids, dendrobium orchids, vanda orchids, and intergeneric orchids as well.

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Floral Arrangements in Koreatown

We at Orchid Republic also provide flower delivery in Koreatown and in other areas around Los Angeles. Whether it’s for your home or office or as a thoughtful gift, we ensure that our flower arrangements arrive fresh and fabulous every time.

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Gift Boxes Koreatown

Luxurious gifts of special wines and bubblies, aromatherapy candles, delicate essential oils, soaps and body lotions, and deliciously divine chocolates are made even better with mouthwatering with cymbidium and phalaenopsis orchids, roses, succulents, moss, and other ornaments in gorgeous arrangements that please the eyes and other senses.

Orchid Heart

Orchid Heart



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Succulent Arrangements Koreatown

Equally charming but minus the high maintenance, succulents deserve a spot in your home or office too. Our succulent arrangements come in all shapes, sizes, and colors imaginable, so there’s definitely something that will suit your taste and style.

Boat House

Boat House

Rocky Tower

Rocky Tower

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About Koreatown

Koreatown is a vivid neighborhood in Los Angeles, California.

But don’t be deceived. Despite its name, Koreatown, which is one of Los Angeles County’s most densely populated districts, is home not only to Koreans but to other ethnicities as well, including Latinos and other Asians.

Koreatown used to be a favorite hangout spot back in the 1920s to the 1930s for famous Hollywood celebrities. This is where the legendary Ambassador Hotel, which was a venue for the Academy Awards back in the heyday and where Robert F. Kennedy was killed, was built. The hotel was demolished in 2005.

Based in Studio City, LA, Orchid Republic is conveniently a short drive away to Koreatown.

Things to Do in Koreatown

Koreatown is full of surprises that a day might not be enough to truly get to know this colorful LA neighborhood. But if ever you find yourself in Los Angeles’ K-Town district, don’t forget to include these items in your bucket list.

  • Travel the world through your stomach with Koreatown’s diverse food and dining scene.
    Beer Belly, Isaan Station, and Genwa are some popular recommendations making the rounds online.
  • Belt out your favorite karaoke songs like there’s no tomorrow.
    The Shrine and SoopSok Karaoke are a must-try!
  • Go on a shopping spree at Koreatown’s most unique stores.
    This neighborhood is a paradise for all kinds of shopaholics. If you’re into stationeries and looking for other exciting things to find, Koreatown Plaza, Daiso, and Kidsland should be on your list.
  • Try alternative healing therapies.
    Dongguk, an accredited healthcare institution offering not only treatment but education, can also be found in the heart of Koreatown. Here, you can choose from traditional acupuncture to electro-acupuncture and other oriental-inspired form of medicine to address your sickness or pain.
  • Catch a show or take a selfie at the Wiltern Theatre.
    Found at the Western edge of the neighborhood is the Wiltern Theatre, which although not Korean at all is an iconic landmark from the 1930s that features a classic Art-Deco design.
  • Educate yourself about Korean culture at the Korean American National Museum, which is considered one of the finest museums in all of Los Angeles.
  • Travel back in time at Chapman Market.
    With its 1929 Spanish Revival theme, a drive to Chapman Market along Wilshire Boulevard is a visual feast for any old soul or vintage geek.

Romantic Places and Wedding Venues in Koreatown

For weddings, debuts, birthdays, and other special occasions, Koreatown has a lot of upscale and trendy options, such as the Oxford Palace Hotel, Park Plaza, and Ebell Theatre.

Orchid Republic is just a stone throw’s away from these beautiful locations in Koreatown, allowing us to deliver your orchid arrangements or attend to your flower requirement in a timely fashion always.



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