Orchid Arrangements in Altadena

Orchid Republic offers exquisite orchid arrangements in Altadena and in other areas around Los Angeles. We have a wide array of magnificent orchid plants and arrangements that usually use phalaenopsis orchids, cymbidium orchids, dendrobium orchids, vanda orchids, and intergeneric orchids as well.

poise white orchids


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Flower Arrangements in Altadena

We at Orchid Republic also provide flower delivery to Altadena and in other areas around Los Angeles. Whether it’s for your home or office or as a thoughtful gift, we ensure that our flower arrangements arrive fresh and fabulous every time.

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Gift Boxes Altadena

Luxurious gifts of special wines and bubblies, aromatherapy candles, delicate essential oils, soaps and body lotions, and deliciously divine chocolates are made even better with mouthwatering with cymbidium and phalaenopsis orchids, roses, succulents, moss, and other ornaments in gorgeous arrangements that please the eyes and other senses.

Orchid Heart

Orchid Heart



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Succulent Arrangements Altadena

Equally charming but minus the high maintenance, succulents deserve a spot in your home or office too. Our succulent arrangements come in all shapes, sizes, and colors imaginable, so there’s definitely something that will suit your taste and style.

Boat House

Boat House

Rocky Tower

Rocky Tower

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About Altadena

Altadena is the lush garden side of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area north from its neighboring city of Pasadena.

Dubbed as the “upper garden,” this LA community emerged in the late 1870s and was developed by developer brothers, Fred and John Woodbury, also known as the rusticators. The two envisioned Altadena, then a mere dusty desert landscape, as  rural rustic escape from the city, going further as to setting up a local nursery in the area. Lo and behold, Altadena became a luscious forest thriving with orchards and tropical trees.

Santa Rosa Avenue’s dreamy lane lined with more or less 132 century-old Himalayan deodar cedar trees is a testament to this.

Notable people who hails from Altadena include critically acclaimed writer, Nahshon Dion Anderson; Compton, California mayor Aja Brown; Emmy nominee, Meshach Taylor; Olympic gold medalist, Sharon Stouder; NFL player, Ramses Barden.

Based in Studio City, Orchid Republic is a short drive to Altadena.

Must-Visit Attractions in Altadena

The Christmas Tree Lane in Santa Rosa, Altadena features a soaring pine tree canopy sparkling with countless lights come December is considered the world’s oldest large-scale outdoor Christmas display. A chosen National Register of Historic Place and a California Historical Landmark, this popular holiday site alone attracts tens of thousands of sightseers each year.

While you’re in Altadena, don’t forget to check out these other tourist spots:

Must-Try Restaurants in Altadena

Filling up your tummy with sumptuous eats is easy peasy in Altadena. Here are the top recommendations based on Yelp reviews.

Orchid Republic offers flowery deliver services to Los Angeles and Orange County neighborhoods, such as Altadena. Order from our top selections of orchid plants and flower arrangements through our website or call us from our hotline, and get it delivered the same day.