People at Work

Florist holding a fresh floral bouquet

Orchid Republic is the fruition of big dreams to bring love and light wherever our beautiful flowers bloom. We take immense pride in our hard working team of florists, client support specialists, and delivery staff who all share the same passion and commitment of going above and beyond our clients’ expectations as much as we can.

We Love What We Do

Loyal customers who frequent our Sherman Oaks Floral Boutique will always find our staff bursting with laughter and sharing anything under the sun, from mundane to meaningful stories of everyday life. It’s a struggle to stay unhappy when you love what you are doing and you are surrounded with people who radiate positivity.

We Celebrate Diversity

As an independent company, Orchid Republic respects, celebrates, and promotes cultural and gender diversity in our workplace, which is a critical aspect echoed in our ethos as a local business. The majority of our staff have been working for us for many years now and have been with us since we began to boldly venture into the industry of flower delivery in Los Angeles and Orange County.

We Are Friends and Family

We have become more than colleagues and have grown to become one family. The beauty of this is that you can count that every orchid or floral arrangement was especially handmade with love and happiness. Our flower delivery and customer service has always been praised and deemed exceptional because of this sincere sense of care and concern we have for each other as a team that we extend to all our clients, too.

If you ever find yourself in Los Angeles, don’t hesitate to visit Orchid Republic Floral Boutique and say hi to us!

Behind the Scenes

Working insides orchid republic shop
Working with orchid republic shop
Working with bouquet arrangement
People at work with Christmas Ornaments
People at work with Christmas Ornaments outside
People at work with Flower Arangement
People at work with Orchid Arrangements
People at work Flower Delivery
People at work Flower Delivery
Happy Worker at Orchid Republic