Flower Subscription Service

Treat Yourself

$300 per month

Feast your senses to splendor that’ll last you a long time. Our orchid plants and succulent arrangements are sought-after not only for their exquisiteness but for their staying power. This sweet orchid and succulent combo is a perfect fit if pretty and practical is your style.

  • One (1) Medium single-stemmed orchid arrangement
  • One (1) Double-stemmed orchid arrangement
  • One (1) Succulent arrangement

Spoil Me

$400 per month

Take your love for all things lush and lovely a notch higher. Never run out of smiles and inspiration courtesy of our finest orchids, succulents, and floral creations delivered straight to your home or office

  • One (1) Medium single-stemmed orchid arrangement
  • One (1) Double-stemmed orchid arrangement
  • One (1) Succulent Arrangement
  • One (1) Cut floral arrangement (6” bowl)

Beautiful Bliss

$600 per month

Go all out for our gorgeous signature pieces. Lavish your space with multiple deliveries of thriving and long-lasting orchid arrangements, succulents, and more.

  • Two (2) Single-stemmed orchid arrangement
  • One (1) Double-stemmed orchid arrangement
  • One (1) Mini orchid arrangement
  • One (1) Succulent arrangement
  • One (1) Cut floral arrangement (7” bowl)

You’re The Boss

Price Starts at: $50

This one-of-a-kind floral service provides breathtaking flower arrangements especially designed and delivered just the way you want them, down to the very last detail.

  • The flowers – What color or variety? Should we send red roses or pink peonies this week and green cymbidium orchids the next?
  • The style – Do you prefer a specific design? A tall or a low flower arrangement? Presented in a cylinder vase or wrapped as a bouquet?
  • The frequency – We can deliver to you or send flowers on your behalf monthly, weekly, daily, or even multiple times a day!
  • Your working budget – Save or splurge? Our team of expert florists can work with both pretty, pocket-friendly blooms and sky’s the limit exquisiteness.
  • Details – Any special messages or requests you’d like to come with it every delivery? We’re all ears.

The Gift of Flowers

Price Starts at: $75

Use your subscription to shower special people with their favorite flowers on special occasions. Schedule orders and deliveries in advance, so you never miss another birthday or wedding anniversary again.

Offer our stunning flower arrangements as a thoughtful token to express your sympathy, best wishes, gratitude; as a gorgeous get well soon gift; or as an irresistible peace offering.

We’re a sucker for romantic gestures. Sweep your sweetheart off of his or her feet. Whether it’s something as simple as making sure your partner’s favorite orchids show up on your dinner date or as grand as filling up an entire ballroom with a thousand roses, we’ve got you covered.