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The Gift of Flowers


This one-of-a-kind floral service provides breathtaking
 flower arrangements specially designed and delivered just the way you want them, down to the very last detail – the flowers, the colors, the style, the frequency, even the working budget. Be the boss of the blooms! Orchid Republic presents The Gift of Flowers.

Shower your favorite people with flowers. Whatever the reason or the occasion – birthday, anniversary, romance, peace offering, a simple thank you, to express sympathy, or just because – we can do it!

All you have to do is tell us about:

  • Your preferences in style and other details – Tell us about the receiver’s favorite flowers and colors. Does he/she love orchids over peonies? Should we send red roses for an entire week? Any special messages you’d like to come with it every delivery? We’re all ears.  
  • Your desired frequency – We can send flower arrangements on your behalf monthly, weekly, daily, or even multiple times a day!
  • Your working budget – How much would you be willing to spend (or splurge) for your loved one? If you’re leaning into more pocket-friendly schemes, no problem. We take pride on our florists’ amazing skills of creating reasonably priced flower arrangements without skimping on style and elegance.

And we take it from there! Whether it’s to make your special someone swoon over our stunning flower arrangements  of roses and peonies, or you just love giving away beautiful bouquets  to people we've got you covered.


Let’s talk flowers. Give us a call at (818) 210-0418 or shoot us an email at today.





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