Flower Secrets: Which Cut Flowers Last the Longest?

Flower Secrets: Which Cut Flowers Last the Longest?

Who says you need to always shell out your hard-earned cash just to be surrounded with fresh flowers all the time? Some flower species last up to a month with proper care, which means you can bask in their beauty longer but for a very minimal cost.   

Here’s a list of flowers that are best known for their staying power:


Elegant and exquisite in appearance, cut orchids can last up to three weeks, with cymbidiums being the most robust among other orchid species.


    A cousin of the sunflower, zinnias aced the top spot in a study aimed at finding out which flower species stayed freshest after cutting.  Zinnia lasted for 24 days with water changed every couple of days.


      Chrysanthemums have an impressive vase life of 25 to 30 days, although they require trimming and changing the water every single day.


        Chic, colorful, and cheap! These are the top three reasons why carnations are very popular. These beauts last between two to three weeks with proper care.

          Casablanca Lilies

          With innocent white buds that won’t begin to open until after a whole week, Casablanca lilies can lend you its classic beauty for a generous amount of time.

            The way you treat your flowers is crucial to how long they’re going to last in your home or office, too.

            Put your flower arrangements away from windows that get too much sun, heaters, fireplaces, stoves, or television sets. Always change the water and wash your vase as much as possible daily.


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