What to Write on Card for Birthday Flowers

What to Write on Card for Birthday Flowers


We always encourage our customers to include heartwarming messages on the card — especially for birthday flowers! It’s an extra personal touch that brings a smile to their face knowing you remembered their special day.

Gifting someone a birthday bouquet but stuck on what to write on the card? We got you. Read on to learn everything you need to know about writing the sweetest birthday card for everyone in your life.

Tips for Writing Birthday Messages 

  • Keep it short and sweet. Let the birthday flowers do the rest of the talking for you.
  • Make it light and funny. Remind them of a hilarious memory you share or mention anything that makes them laugh. No off-colored jokes if you’re sending it to the recipient’s workplace.
  • Personalize your message if it’s for someone you know well. 
  • Include the recipient’s name in the message, so it doesn’t feel canned. 
  • It’s OK to send belated birthday messages. As they say, better late than never.

Best Birthday Messages 

 To give you some idea, check out some of the most fantastic birthday card messages we love from Hallmark.

Milestone Birthday

  • “Happy Birthday, Bae! Look who’s making [40] look fly!”
  • “Turning [60] is big! Especially when it’s someone like you, who has made the most of each year and made such a positive difference for the people in your life.”
  • “[Tía], you are [50] years of fun, laughter and love. Te quiero mucho!”
  • “[30] is the perfect age. You’re old enough to afford the good stuff and still young enough to enjoy it!”
  • “Happy [90th] Birthday, [Nana Betty]! Today, we’re celebrating the amazing [woman] you are, honoring the life you’ve lived and, just like always, loving you so much!”

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For MOM and DAD

  • “The more time goes by, the more grateful I am to have you for my mother.”
  • “Hope your birthday brings some time to relax and remember how much you’re loved by family, friends and community.”
  • “I don’t say it enough, but it’s always true: I love you, and I feel so lucky to call you my mom.”
  • “Papi, you are GOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLS! Celebrating you and your love of life today.”
  • “For the man who taught me everything I know. From the kid who paid attention to roughly half of all you tried to teach.”

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For Significant Other 

  • “Beautiful. Sweet. Tasty. And I ain’t talking about the cake. Happy Birthday, Bae.”
  • “Hope your birthday cake is the second sweetest thing I get to taste today. Those lips tho!”

For Friends 

  • “Happy Birthday to a friend I couldn’t live without!”
  • “In case I don’t tell you often enough, I really appreciate your friendship. And I’m so grateful for all you bring to my life!”
  • “If life were a sitcom, you’d be the witty, glamorous friend, and I’d be the dorky sidekick. And I don’t mind that at all. I hope you have a GREAT birthday.”


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