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5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Flowers Aside From Roses

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It’s Valentine’s Day once again.

Expect flower shops to run dry of red roses in a week or two. While red roses may be synonymous with V-Day, it won’t hurt to explore a bit more and vary from the norm when it comes to your choice of blooms this love season. 

If you're looking for equally swoon-worthy Valentine’s Day flowers other than roses – whether it’s because of a sudden price hike on roses, the lack of supply at the florist’s, or you simply find them too cliché – this list is for you.   


Surprise, surprise. Orchids come in passionate red, too.

These diverse flowers exude that rare kind of beauty where one could be at a loss for words to describe.

Orchids are locally grown sustainably and abundantly in California, so most local florists always have them in stock. Orchids are known to bloom for months, depending on the variety, so they make truly memorable gifts.


Tulips are almost always available all year-round. Bearing a strong resemblance to roses, tulip arrangements give off that stylish and sophisticated appeal. Plus, the color options for tulips are endless, too. Tulips come in a wide array of stunning and distinct colors, ranging from deep pinks, pinkish purples, and purplish blacks.


Sleek Sunflower, $135

Frank Sinatra didn’t sing a song about sunflowers for nothing.

Dubbed as the “happy flowers,” a bouquet of sunflowers are the perfect pick-me-up presents and the best flower to say how much someone’s presence makes every day better and brighter for you. Sunflowers are also ideal play-safe Valentine’s Day gifts to give someone you’re not romantically involved with, but nevertheless still special – say, your mom, your sister, a friend, or someone you’re dating, but it’s too early to consider as serious.


Peony Passion, $215

Peonies are Blair Waldorf’s and Gwyneth Paltrow’s favorite flowers. Women of style and substance, words that best describe peonies, too.

These fine-looking and great-smelling blooms are popular rose alternative during Valentine’s Day. Available in soft milkshake shades, such as blush, coral, snowy white, and sexy red, peonies work like magic in the romance and sweet category.



Garnet Town, $99

Who says it has to be flowers?

They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but rosette-forming succulents are one of our favorites. Inside a glass, a wooden arc, or a geometric-style terrarium, succulent arrangements make unique, tasteful, and long-lasting gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Planning a special surprise for Valentine’s Day?

Whether it’s making sure your wife’s favorite orchids show up on your favorite date spot or going extremes by filling up a room with a thousand roses, we’re up for it. Check out our custom arrangements.


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