Top 5 Most Expensive Flowers – Plus Tips and Dupes

Top 5 Most Expensive Flowers – Plus Tips and Dupes



Who says you can’t buy happiness when you can buy all the flower arrangements you want? We’ve rounded up five of the most expensive flowers in the market bundled up with handy tips and dupes we highly recommend. A must-read for every flower lover!


Starting off our list is the clematis. Clematis are lovely, delicate flowers from the Ranunculaceae family.  They come in different shades of white, purple, pink, red. Some of its most popular varieties include Nelly Moser, Jackmanii, Pink Flamingo, Constance, Cyanea, and Frankie. 

Dupe: At times, clematis is nearly identical to poppies, garden roses, and sweet pea flowers, which can all go at a slightly lower price.

Lily of the Valley

All exquisiteness aside, the other reason why Lily of the Valley can be unreasonably expensive is its short blooming season and fussy growing requirements. These divine-looking spring blooms are very hard to come by that not many florist shops offer them and when they do, the price can be unforgivingly high, say, up to $400 per bouquet.

Dupe: Many florists recommend similarly small flowers like sweet peas, baby's breath, and waxflowers as stunning substitutes.



Pure white and blue hydrangeas may be on the cheaper side. But if you fancy periwinkle purple or fuchsia perhaps, multiply the tab to three, ranging from $8 to $30, depending on the size and color.  

Dupe: Stock and cockscomb are a budget-friendly alternative to hydrangeas. Equally colorful and beautiful, simply cut off the green parts of the stock flowers, arrange them in clusters, and no one would even second guess. All that at only $2 to $4 per stem. 

17th Century Tulip Bulb


Incredibly rare, this tulip reportedly costs 10,000 guilders and is considered a status symbol if seen in anyone’s garden. 

Dupe:  Any other tulip variety, which costs anywhere from $2 to $6 per stem. Let’s be realistic. All tulips are classic beauties. Can’t go wrong with a classic.

Juliet Rose 

A million-dollar rose – $15.8 million to be specific – that debuted in the Chelsea Flower Show of Fall 2006, David Austin, appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire in The Queen's Birthday Honors List for services to horticulture, devoted 15 long years to perfect this marvelous magnificence.

Dupe:  Peonies, cabbage roses, garden roses look like sisters of the Juliet Rose, perfect dupes without hurting your wallet.

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