5 Tips To Help You Start An Indoor Herb Garden

5 Tips To Help You Start An Indoor Herb Garden

With a sprinkle of herbs and spices here and there, any meal can go from simple to sumptuous masterpiece in an instant. It’s the ultimate secret every home chef must have.

From savory herbed chicken and fish recipes to refreshing basil and mint mocktails, herbs are going to take your kitchen concoctions to the next level.

But instead of getting your stash from the grocery, why not start your little herb garden? Oh, how exciting snipping off fresh rosemary and adding it straight to your roast!

Check out these practical tips on how to start your personal herb garden indoors.

Choose Your Herbs

The first thing is to choose which herbs you want to grow. While the more the merrier is also true in this case, you may want to start your first phase, especially if you’re a neophyte in gardening, with herbs that you commonly use in most of your cooking.

Some of the top choices include:

  • Oregano – Oregano is commonly used in Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine. Grow from a stem cutting and place in a sunny, south-facing window.
  • Rosemary – Flavors roasted and grilled vegetables and meats. Start with a cutting.
  • Basil – The best with pesto dishes and added fresh in pasta, salads, and more. Put in a sunny spot, don’t allow to dry out completely.
  • Peppermint – Gives lamb, potatoes, and drinks a refreshing kick. Start with a cutting. Peppermint can thrive in low light.
  • Thyme – Thyme is an all-purpose seasoning. Start yours with a cutting and give as much sun exposure every day.

Use Containers And Get Creative!

The beauty about herbs is that they can grow in small planters and are perfect specimens for container gardening projects. Put them in clay pots, teacups, glass bottles, vintage tin cans – the possibilities are endless!

Good Drainage

One important caveat though: make sure that your pot or planter has adequate drainage holes to avoid stagnant water, which can be damaging to your plants. If your pretty pots or ceramics don’t have one, you can pull off a quick DIY by drilling one yourself.

Lots of Sunlight – That’s The Secret

Most herbs are hardy and resilient. They can be grown indoors, surviving long winter months. Luckily, living in Los Angeles means a shower of sunshine all year round, which your herbs would absolutely prefer.

Ideally, your kitchen window sill or counter is the most recommended spot to grow your herb garden, because of easy access to impromptu spicing up of dishes. But if your kitchen doesn’t get much sunlight during the day, a balcony or any window that gets as much sun would do.

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