National Workaholics Day: Tips for Achieving Healthy Work-Life Balance

National Workaholics Day: Tips for Achieving Healthy Work-Life Balance

We love holidays — official or unofficial, it doesn’t matter! Usually, we share fun and exciting ways to celebrate and make the occasion more memorable with chic orchids flower arrangements. Not this time. To be clear: we’re not here to glorify it.

Been there, done that; most of us have experienced becoming workaholics at some point. We know it’s the primary culprit that causes burnout and stress and that it’s an unrealistic and unsustainable way to live. National Workaholics Day is the best time to take a step back and think of ways on how to achieve a healthy work-life balance. 

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Are you a workaholic? What are the signs?

  • You have no “off switch”
  • You work on weekends and past your bedtime
  • You feel guilty about taking breaks and vacations
  • You believe there’s nothing wrong with working all the time if you love what you do
  • You have no social life or any interest aside from work
  • Your personal relationships and aspects of your health have suffered because of your work

How to recover from workaholism

Like other things in life, there is no one cure-all for workaholism. Different things work for different people. Sometimes, most won’t even care to admit they are workaholics, and thanks to our hustle culture, it’s something glorified and not considered an issue until it has wreaked havoc.

  • Set and honor your work boundaries. 
  • Do not respond to work-related texts, calls, emails, or instant messages after office hours, weekends, or vacations.

  • Create and nurture a life outside of work.
  • Find a hobby, reconnect with friends, and bond with your family. Book a day or two into your calendar dedicated to activities and people that spark joy.

  • Stop and smell the roses! 
  • This advice is both literal and figurative. Surrounding yourself with beautiful flowers can help ease stress and anxiety and boost happiness. It’s all the things you want to feel after a manic day at work. At the same time, be intentional about rest and taking breaks. It’s okay spend your days off and leaves doing something else. The world will not fall apart when you stop working for some time.

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