5 Tips on Self Love for Moms

5 Tips on Self Love for Moms
It’s time to stop and smell the roses, mommies. Steal these self-love tips for the most rewarding Mother's Day of your life.

We can all agree with author Lance Conrad when he said he can “imagine no greater heroism than motherhood.” Putting all your loved ones, most especially your children’s best interest,  more than yours in a heartbeat, night or day, without fret or regret. You’ve seen your moms do it for you and now you’re trying your best to do it for your little ones.

Self-Love: The Secret to Happy Moms

Unfortunately, sometimes in the process of giving and giving and giving, you tend to lose yourself in the process. Motherhood is a selfless act in a way, but we believe self-care and self-love should be there, too. Is this possible? To this, we say yes. Putting your family first does not mean treating your own needs and wants as a non-priority.

Without self-care or self-love, mom life can be overwhelming and totally taxing physically and emotionally. This leads to catastrophic consequences, such as being stressed out, burnt out, living a life of discontent, or constantly wanting to break free or escape from it all. And let’s face it, having these unpleasant feelings, although understandable can be unfair to your loved ones.

This makes self-love so important.

Self-love does not have to be this spontaneous move to finally go on that epic adventure (although it can be if your situation allows it). Self-care is also self-love, a more sustainable form that you can and should do every time. Start with simple, doable self-care steps that afford you the little luxuries in life.

Treat yourself to lovely Mother’s Day flowers


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We say this without bias. There’s no shame in women buying their own flower arrangements for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or whatever occasion. You know you’re a good mama, you deserve to celebrate, and you owe yourself a gorgeous bouquet of flowers on this special day. This is particularly true for strong single mothers raising their kids on their own or moms who have very young ones at the moment.

Aside from recognizing your own achievements and rewarding yourself for all of them, being surrounded with fresh flower arrangements is also scientifically proven to instantly enhance moods by lifting negative thoughts, reducing stress, and alleviating anxiety. Whether you’re having a really stressful day juggling mom life with work or just because you want to feel extra-positive, flower shopping is always an excellent idea.

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Open up and share your thoughts

As a mom, you usually have your plate full, though that doesn’t stop you from taking more responsibilities in. There’s a lot to think about and talk about, but oftentimes no time or no one to talk with. Take a breather and sort out what’s in your head and in your heart. Find your constant confidante. This can be your spouse, a friend, or even a journal.

Take yourself on a date

Stop waiting on your man to make you feel special. Put on that sexy dress and take yourself out on a proper date. Go see a movie, have that fancy dinner, or just a cup of coffee topped with peace and quiet. Another romantic thing would be to spend an entire day at a flower garden near you and finish it off with brunch or afternoon tea and cakes. Do the things that will help you fall in love again with yourself. With these little dates, hopefully, you’ll be able to rediscover yourself little by little and always come home recharged to your family.

Sleep well

Sleep deprivation can sometimes be the evil twin of mom life, specifically in the beginning. But a constantly sleep-deprived mama is not a healthy or happy mama, to say the least. Make a good night’s sleep a top priority. Tuck yourself in bed after the kids tap out. Go ahead and get those smooth, luxurious bed sheets you’ve always wanted. You’ll notice the difference a great night’s sleep can make to the quality of your day.

Pursue your passions slowly but surely

Motherhood may slow you down but it should never be the reason to stop chasing your dreams. Your kids look up to you more than anyone. List down your goals. Be realistic about them. This can be finally making time for your craft, starting a new hobby, continuing your studies, or simply getting back in shape. It does not have to be all at once. Take your time. Go take those brave little baby steps and see where they’ll take you.

Wishing you all a beautiful Mother’s Day!

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