How to Gift Loved Ones (or Yourself) the Ultimate Flower Experience 

How to Gift Loved Ones (or Yourself) the Ultimate Flower Experience 

Do you want to surprise a certified flower lover, hoping to cheer someone up or make them feel extra special? Break the mold and gift them with an epic flower-themed experience that they’ll appreciate and treasure for years.

Flower Arrangement Course

If receiving flower bouquets can make you smile and be in a good mood in a snap, learning the art of floral design can be meditative and therapeutic. It’s a mental grounding technique that can distract you from stressful thoughts or negative emotions. In addition, it’s an exciting creative outlet that everyone should try at least once in their lives. Whether it’s traditional ikebana or contemporary floral arrangements, you’ll have a blast learning a new skill and being surrounded by beautiful blooms.

Unforgettable Flower Garden Date 

Whether you and this loved one share a love for traveling or simply being close to nature, flower garden trips can definitely be a memorable bonding moment for both of you. If you have your eyes on quick local trips, California is blessed with several formidable botanical gardens worth checking out. 

Here are some recommendations from Roadtripping California.

  • San Francisco Botanical Garden
  • The Huntington Botanical Gardens
  • Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens
  • Descanso Gardens
  • San Diego Botanic Gardens
  • Hakone Estate and Gardens

Get Them a Flower Subscription 

Gifting someone a birthday bouquet or flowers for wedding anniversary is impressive. But imagine taking it up a few notches and sending them a floral subscription. They’ll always be in good spirits because they know they’ll have gorgeous orchids or floral bouquets delivered to their doorstep monthly. 

The beauty of floral subscriptions is that they’re super flexible, and you can cancel anytime. We can create custom plans based on your spending budget, flower preferences, frequency, and duration. Are you thinking of a three-month flower subscription? Or are you feeling more generous and want to shower them with flowers for an entire year?


Orchid Republic Floral Boutique offers floral subscription plans for residential and corporate clients. Please visit one of our locations or contact us to learn everything you need to know about our available flower subscriptions. 

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