5 Tips to Glam Up Your Christmas Dinners

5 Tips to Glam Up Your Christmas Dinners

Cooking, setting up, and hosting family and friends for Christmas dinner or luncheon parties can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Girl, we feel your anxiety level rising at the mere thought of it. This year, let’s do it differently. Instead of stressing over it, let loose and relish the moment that you are fully in control of how this holiday gathering would look and feel. 

Here’s a quick, no-fuss guide on how you can pull off a beautiful holiday table setup this year.

What's your theme?

First things first. What's the theme going to be?

For Christmas, some of the most popular color schemes are usually white and blue for that Winter Wonderland feel, red and green for a warmer and festive vibe, gold for a sparkling holiday – the list goes on!

Start with the classics and the basics

A set of fine dinnerware in crisp white will take you a long way. Not only is it super versatile and easy to use, no matter what the theme or the occasion is, but white dishes add elegance to your table and make food appear more appetizing, the very reason why most fine dining restaurants use them primarily.


Add a dash of chic with Christmas flowers 

Flowers make a whole world of difference for any table setting. They make it more inviting and special. In choosing your Christmas flowers, remember the following rules:

  • What kind of table do you have?
    Oval and rectangular tables look lovely with long, trailing flower arrangements. Round or square table, on the other hand, can work it with round-shaped and angular flower arrangements.
  • Avoid flowers that are too fragrant.
    They can mix unpleasantly with the aroma of the food.
  • Go for low rather than high flower arrangements.
    This way your guests can see and engage in meaningful conversations from across each other.
  • Choose flowers that are in season.
    They are at their prettiest, easy to avail, not to mention, way cheaper.

Christmas roses

Cupid's Christmas Roses, $165

Glam up with stemmed glasses

Whether you’re serving red, white, rose’, sparkling wines, or just plain ‘ole water, serve them to your guests in style with large, long-stemmed glasses.

Accessorize your holiday table

Crisp white linens are the gold standard when it comes to formal setting, but tasteful prints and colorful patterns are also refreshing to see on the table.

For more texture and personal touch, tie napkins with dried leaves, flowers, or twigs, and add name cards to your tablescape. Adding candles? Yes, please but steer clear of scented varieties and please don’t light them up when the sun’s still out.

Placemats are also one of the simplest ways to add a pop of color to your table setting. They’re inexpensive and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from.

And of course, don't forget to add heaps of holiday spirit!


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