Gigi Hadid Struts as Flower Arrangement For Moschino

Gigi Hadid Struts as Flower Arrangement For Moschino

The Internet is still abuzz over the finale look of American fashion model, Gigi Hadid, for Moschino fashion show held in Milan, Italy on the last week of September. Here’s why.

My Little Pony x Moschino

For its Spring collection, style authority and Moschino fashion house creative director, Jeremy Scott, opened up with a colorful parade of slender models clad in vibrant pieces of punk, high-fashion version of childhood favorite, My Little Pony.

The Italian label collaborated with Hasbro, the creator of the entertainment franchise originally released back in the 1980s. The quirky collection includes sweater dresses, tops, jackets, swimsuits, crossbody bags, iPhone cases, and a interestingly, little handbags that bear an uncanny resemblance to your My Little Pony tin lunch box from grade school, only 10 times more expensive.

Wearable Flower Arrangements

But that’s not all.

Scott, a genius known for his unconventional concepts, concluded the remarkable fashion show by dressing up popular fashion models, such as Gigi Hadid, Joan Smalls, Kaia Gerber, and Anna Cleveland as real-life flower arrangements – literally!

Complete with a dainty wrap and red ribbon, the models slayed on the catwalk with fresh big roses, daisies, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas beautifully blooming out of their dresses or knee-high boots. There were also models wearing calla lily-shaped maxi dress and one who was covered with brightly colored flowers from head to foot.

Now that’s floral for spring Miranda Priestly would approve.

Fashion Love Flowers

According to Vogue, this unique take on the floral theme is not out of character for the brand and was, in fact, a surrealist tribute to Italian fashion designer and founder, Franco Moschino, who cemented his name in the industry with his iconic kitsch sketches.

Through the years, it seems flowers have been a constant inspiration to creating a whole lot of things, especially when it comes to fashion.

This is also not the first time the greatest fashion minds have used flowers to wow the critics and crowd in their runway shows. Back in 1982, Thierry Mugler garbed his models as painted roses adorned with dragonflies on their hair.

In addition, John Galliano transformed Brazilian beauties, Viviane Orth into, a life-sized carnation and Michelle Alves into an exquisite orchid for Christian Dior’s Fall couture show way back in 2010.

Trash for Clothing Fall 2017

We got curious as to what Moschino’s collection was for this autumn season, and to our amazement, found that it was garbage, again, literally.

Scott sent down her models, including Instagram darling and the second youngest sister from Kardashian empire, Kendall Jenner, wearing recyclable materials for accessories. From bubble wraps, old carton boxes, bicycle wheels, tissue boxes, to lids of trash bins – you name it.



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