5 Incredible Hacks That Will Make You A Pro At Flower Arrangements

5 Incredible Hacks That Will Make You A Pro At Flower Arrangements

Nothing is more beautiful than a hostess beaming proudly as guests swoon over her DIY flower arrangements, more so if she’s asked where she ordered the beauts from. So elegant and tastefully done, they say surely it must have come out of a florist’s workshop.

Without a doubt, flower arranging is a form of art, a lost one perhaps, but we assure you it’s no rocket science. In fact, how about we throw you a few flower arrangement tips and tricks our favorite florists swear by. You’ll be amazed at how these simple floral hacks could make a world of difference to your creations.

Excited? Check these out.

How to open closed flower buds fast

When you’re in a wholesale florist or at a flower market, always buy those whose blooms are still closed. Closed buds indicate that the flowers are still young and that you’ll be able to enjoy it in full bloom, along with its freshness and fragrance, for a longer amount of time compared to its counterpart.

However, if you can’t wait, florists have a secret to encouraging flower buds to open up faster.

  • Cut the stems at a 45-degree angle.
  • Put the bunch in a glass filled with warm water.
  • After exactly a minute, transfer the flowers to a container filled with cold water. Let it sit there for at least 20 minutes.

You’ll be amazed to see flowers like roses, peonies, or lisianthus opening up like magic.

Some florists recommend exposing flowers under the diffused heat of hair dryer to simulate sunlight. But our better judgment advice against this, as a little too much of heat can cause browning or wilting and ruin your flowers in a snap.

To keep flowers in place and from falling off a shallow vase

Have you always been dying to use that delicate China bowl or copper container for flower arrangements, only to be disheartened in the end because the pesky peonies won’t stay put? Experts say there’s a genius solution to this.

  • Using floral tape or ordinary Scotch tape, create a simple grid, overlapping horizontal with vertical lines, on top of your shallow container.
  • Arrange flowers as you please into the grid, with bigger or focal flowers going in first at an angle, followed by your fillers and accents.

DIY rose twist bouquet


We’ve all fallen head over heels over the classy rose twist bouquets from the florists. But did you know it’s extremely easy DIY? The technique is to put stems across each other until they are overlapping and all the flowers are in.

The secret to a vase filled with fresh fruit slices inside

A refreshingly gorgeous trend that we see today in many floral designs are the citrus slices of fruits floating within transparent flower vases. If you’ve tried this at home before, you’ll discover that it’s almost impossible to keep the fruit slices from moving. Little did we know that it was all a visual illusion!

Florists say you actually need two vases to pull off this design, one a wee bit smaller than the other but should fit inside. The steps:

  • Put the smaller vase inside the bigger one.
  • Fill the gap between the two containers with water.
  • Slip the fruit slices inside.
  • Arrange the focal flowers as usual in the center vase.

Sugar and spirits for long-lasting freshness

Last but not the least, to keep your floral creations fresh for as long as possible, florists recommend introducing a hint of vodka (yes, the alcoholic drink) and heaps of sugar onto a vase filled with water. They say the odd mixture prolongs the life and hinders the drying or wilting process of your flowers.  



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