Iris and Violets: February Birthday Flowers

Iris and Violets: February Birthday Flowers

Celebrating your or someone special’s birthday on the love month? Ironically, roses aren’t the chosen blooms for people born in February; it’s irises and violets. Learn more about these beautiful birthday flowers on this blog. 


The birth flowers for this month are iris and violets, which when you consider it closely resembles lovely and luxurious purple tones of amethyst, the birthstone for February.

Violets Flower Meaning

Violets are one of the prettiest spring flowers. According to Almanac, gifting violets symbolizes a declaration of truth and faithfulness in the Victorian age. It’s also associated with modesty, loyalty, dependability, innocence, remembrance, everlasting love, and wisdom.                                    

In photo: Spring Wonderland

Irises Flower Meaning

Irises have bold and beautiful colors that can transform any spring or summer floral arrangement into captivating head-turners. Aside from being February birth flowers, they are also used in celebrating 25th anniversary. 

They come in 300 varieties that bloom in rainbows of vivid colors including blue, purple, yellow, white, pink, orange, brown, and black. Generally, sending a bouquet with irises expresses nobility, royalty, and gratitude. However, they can also be used to symbolize happiness, friendship, or romance, depending on the colors. 


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