Bird of Paradise, The Floral Emblem of Los Angeles

Bird of Paradise, The Floral Emblem of Los Angeles


Do you know what type of flower officially represents the city of Los Angeles? It's the Bird of Paradise.

Bird of Paradise was declared L.A.'s floral emblem in 1952 by Mayor Fletcher Bowron to celebrate the city's 171st birthday. This colorful and exotic-looking tropical flowering plant is native to South America and perfectly represents L.A. as a melting pot of diverse cultures that recognizes and celebrates everything that makes everyone unique.

According to The Sill, its scientific name (Strelitzia) commemorates Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Queen consort and wife of King George III. Queen Charlotte was a patron of the arts and an amateur botanist who helped expand Kew Gardens. 

Most Popular Types

The Bird of Paradise is an excellent outdoor and indoor plant because of its stylishness and sturdiness. It has vibrant yellow or orange flowers that can give any space a splash of color. If you're going plant shopping, we recommend checking out this list of some of the prettiest Bird of Paradise varieties.

  • Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae)
  • White Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia nicolai)
  • Red Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia pulcherrima)
  • Mexican Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia mexicana)
  • Yellow Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia gilliesii)

Plant Care Tips: Bird of Paradise 

  • The Bird of Paradise loves bright, indirect light like orchid plants. We suggest strategically choosing a spot with abundant sunlight in the morning for this plant to thrive—for example, a north-facing window, outdoor patio, and backyard garden.
  • Water once or twice a week and let the topsoil dry in between. In addition, it can be sensitive to hard water, so use only filtered water or fill a bucket and leave overnight to allow the mineral deposits to settle. 
  • The Bird of Paradise loves humid conditions, so mist in the morning or get a humidifier if you're growing it indoors.

Is Bird of Paradise Plant Toxic to Pets?

Unfortunately, it is not the most pet-friendly option. Curious pets or even humans can experience adverse reactions after ingesting the leaves and other parts of the Bird of Paradise plant. For safety, we highly recommend putting flower arrangements, orchids, and houseplants out of reach of small children and pets.

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