Beautiful Flower Meanings to Inspire Your Mother's Day Bouquet

Beautiful Flower Meanings to Inspire Your Mother's Day Bouquet


Mother's Day falls in spring, when a myriad of seasonal flowers bloom, opening up plenty of creative possibilities. It gives you options to choose from a rainbow of colorful flowers that carry beautiful meanings. The sky's the limit when it comes to curating the ideal floral gift for mom. While it is up to you to do the research to capture best the feelings you wish to convey, we have compiled a list of five spring flowers often found in Mother's Day bouquets to give you a headstart.

1. Carnations

As the official flower of Mother's Day, carnations naturally take the first spot on the list. It's a long-lasting bloom and easy on the eyes and the wallet, a combination of traits many mothers love. White carnations, which were initially popularized on the first celebration of Mother's Day in America, now symbolize mothers who have passed away and are often used in sympathy floral arrangements or memorial floral wreaths. Red and pink carnations represent the highest respect, love, and admiration for moms. 

2. Azaleas

In East Asian cultures, the azalea is reminiscent of time spent at home, making it a good choice for a Mother's Day bouquet. It also symbolizes femininity and womanhood in China. These delicate clusters of blooms will no doubt brighten up the day of anyone lucky enough to receive them. For a mother who is the pillar of the family, azaleas are perfect to represent her nurturing, loving spirit. 

3. Roses

Roses are a timeless classic perfect for all occasions. Red roses are a declaration of love, making them a fitting Mother's Day flower for your wife and mother of your children. On the other hand, roses in softer and pastel shades, such as pink, yellow, and cream, can celebrate the tender moments of motherhood and express affection and gratitude for having such an amazing woman in your life. 


4. Sunflowers

The sunflower is a bright, lively addition to any bouquet, perfect for the light of your life. Originally cultivated in North America for its medicinal and culinary uses, sunflowers symbolize longevity and positivity in many cultures worldwide. They're also associated with healing and warmth—who better to gift these flowers to than every child's first nurse? 

5. Camellias

In Chinese art and literature, camellias represent the Confucian virtues of devotion and faithfulness, qualities that are true about mothers. They are also seen as a symbol of friendliness in the southern United States, often planted in public areas like parks to welcome visitors. More generally, however, the camellia is associated with love and admiration. With their many layers of ruffled petals, these blooms won't fail to get your feelings across.

Understanding the meanings behind flowers adds depth and sentiment to the act of giving and receiving them. So, this Mother's Day, choose a bouquet that speaks from the heart. Shop our Mother's Day collection to find the perfect blooms for the incredible woman who raised you. 



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