6 of the Most Gorgeous Spring Flowers From Around the World

6 of the Most Gorgeous Spring Flowers From Around the World


As we bid goodbye to chilly weather and snow-covered streets, it's just about time to welcome the season of new beginnings. From the resplendent sakura blooms of Japan to the spectacular tulip fields of the Netherlands, let us take you on a journey of some of the most stunning spring blooms from all over the world. Whether you're hunting for inspiration for spring floral arrangements for delivery in San Francisco or just looking to appreciate the extravagant display of nature's colors, these flowers will surely not disappoint.  

Spring Flowers From Asia

Starting with the largest continent in the world, Asia is a tropical paradise that offers different climates that provide the best environments for unique blooms to grow.

1.Ratchaphruek Flowers from Thailand

Also known as the Golden Shower, Ratchaphruek blooms are well-known for their vibrant yellow flower clusters. They symbolize wealth and glory, and Thai people believe receiving Ratchaphruek flowers brings good luck.

2. Sakura Blossoms from Japan

What flower best encapsulates the uniqueness of Japan's culture? Sakura, or cherry blossoms, of course! Known for its pale pink flowers, it signifies renewal and rebirth. The spring season is traditionally marked as the perfect time to view rows and rows of cherry blossoms in gardens, parks, and other outdoor areas in Japanese cities.

3. Padauk Flowers from Myanmar

As the national flower of Myanmar, Padauk flowers play an important role in the celebrations of Thingyan, or the Burmese New Year. Characterized by its stunning display of small yellow blooms, Padauk will surely give your homes a much-needed splash of color.

Spring Flowers From Europe

Europe is home to majestic views and picturesque landscapes. But aside from being a nature destination, it is also home to beautiful fields of spring flowers.

1. Poppy Flowers in Italy

An iconic symbol of remembrance, poppies are known for their striking red blooms, which are sure to catch anyone's eye. Red poppies are ubiquitous in Italy, growing wild in the countryside of Tuscany in springtime. Locally, California poppies are commonly seen in open fields, carpeting Mount Diablo, one of the highest peaks in San Francisco Bay Area, all year-round. However, they are at their most beautiful during the spring months of March to April. 

2. Lavenders from France

Aside from their delicate light purple blooms, lavenders are well-known for their relaxing scent and the essential oils they produce. They are widely cultivated in Provence to the point that the region has become famous for its expansive lavender fields.

3. Tulips from Holland

When people say Holland, one flower springs to mind—tulips. Known for colorful and postcard-worthy tulip fields, Holland boasts miles and miles of tulip rows that will leave even the most traveled individuals in awe. One of the most beautiful spring flowers, tulips are a favorite amongst flower-loving communities because they represent deep and unconditional love.

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